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With the call of The National Memorandum Government of Libya, the bill that enables military aid to this country passed through the Turkish Grand National Assembly. This bill shows AKP's eagerness to embark on new adventures of war.

The AKP government had been a part of the imperialist aggression against Syria that began in 2011; and now it is seeking new adventures to revive these washed-out policies after the failure of the Neo-Ottomanist policies in this country.

The military shipment to Libya will increase the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is already harboring a serious war threat. With the joint efforts of some countries, this region is becoming a place where imperialist countries and monopolies are increasing their...

Turkish and Libyan governments have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on maritime boundaries in the Mediterranean Sea as well as a deal on expanded security and military cooperation. This memorandum is arbitrary and illegal since it completely ignores the International Law of the Sea and the legitimate rights of other states in the region.

We condemn Turkey’s growing provocative actions in...

unoThe appalling toll in injuries and lives from Tuesday night’s attack east of Tripoli at the Tajoura Detention Centre speaks to the deep concerns, expressed repeatedly¸ by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, over the safety of people in detention centres. This latest violence also speaks to the danger both IOM and UNHCR have warned over returning...

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