During their prolonged trial, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions’ (ZCTU) General Secretary Japhet Moyo and President Peter Mutasa were called to appear before judges no less than 19 times. All charges were eventually dropped, notably following international trade union pressure, including through diplomatic channels and through mobilisations outside Zimbabwe’s embassies. However, many grassroots trade unionists remain subject to long-drawn-out trials as a battle for the judicial independence continues, in the face of the government’s politically motivated attacks.

“From violent repression to prolonged legal harassment, the government’s aim remains to intimidate, discourage and sap the energy of the trade union movement. Their refusal to...

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 92 million workers in every corner of the world stands on the side of the striking nurses in Zimbabwe. The vice-president of Zimbabwe announced that: ““Government has decided in the interest of patients and of saving lives to discharge all the striking nurses with immediate effect” when thousands of nurses were fired.


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