22 | 09 | 2019
The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India (CPI) issued following statement to the press:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Parliament thanking the president is more like a BJP leader’s routine election speech than the speech of the PM.

Prime Minister is a constitutional authority and is expected to speak with dignity and decorum. He misused the platform of the Parliament, to shower venom on political opponents and made some allegations with half-truths. While BJP supported Telangana statehood in Parliament, Modi made adverse remarks about it. He accused Congress for dividing Andhra Pradesh and India also, but did not speak a word about promises to Andhra Pradesh in Parliament on special status and later on special package implementation. Prime Minister did not utter a word on Rafale deal which the government is trying to avoid from transparency in the name of security.

The statement by the Defence minister in Parliament with regard to the agreement for the Rafale fighter planes is completely unacceptable.

Ever since the deal was renegotiated there have been several reports that allege that the price being paid for the planes in question is much higher than what had been decided in the earlier agreement.

On 2nd February 2018 the Supreme Court of India has sought a response from Union of India and the Election Commission in the petition filed by the CPI

(Marxist) challenging the constitutionality of the introduction of Electoral Bonds by the Finance Act, 2017.

 The Finance Act, 2017 amended four different statues, namely the Reserve Bank of India Act 1934, The Representation of Peoples Act 1951, The Income Tax Act 1961 and the Companies Act, 2013 to introduce the concept of Electoral Bonds. The Electoral Bonds was operationalized by the Central Government by issuing a notification on 2.01.2018.

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

Union Budget 2018-19:

Protest Against Further Attacks on People's Livelihood

 This last full budget of the Modi government before the next general elections reflects, once again, it's clear commitment to serve the interests of foreign and domestic big corporates while mounting further assaults  on the vast majority of the working people of our country.

The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement on February 01, 2018 condemning the continuing violence in Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj:

The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India vehemently condemns the continuing communal violence in Kasganj area of Uttar Pradesh despite repeated assurances from the authorities that normalcy would be restored in the area soon.

The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India (CPI) issued following statement to the press:

The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India vehemently condemns series of attacks took place in various places of North and West India. Every where these acts of vandalism by communal elements were unleashed in the name of protest against the movie Padmavat.

In some places it went to the extent of torching of buses and blocking of highways. They didn't spare even school students from being attacked.


National Secretary CPI, Member of Parliament.

India in 2018 confronts mounting challenges of crisis proportions.  Such challenges are products of the divide and misrule of the BJP led NDA regime over a period of three years.  Never ever in post independent India the country faced intense and devious polarisation in society the magnitude of which was seen at the time of partition of India following our independence.

The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement on January 23, 2018 condemning the Election Commission’s recommendation to disqualify 20 Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLAs for holding ‘office of profit’.

The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India strongly condemns the unilateral and hurried move of the Election Commission to recommend the disqualification of 20 AAP MLAs for holding ‘office of profit’.

  1. Bring Down Input Cost of Agriculture Production

(Adopted by N.C.)

The farmers of the country are facing acute distress due to rising input cost and they are forced to sell their agri-produce at the throw away prices. The Communist Party of India in its considered opinion is of the view that the BJP-NDA government led by Narendra Modi have deceived the farming community by not implementing the promises made during 2014 election campaign.

Comrade Manohar Deshkar, Secretary of the Central Control Commission of the Communist Party of India passed away in the early hours of Wednesday (January 17, 2018) at his residence at Kamptee Cantoment in Nagapur district. He was 85 years old.

Comrade Manohar Deshkar joined the Communist Party as a whole-timer in late fifties and remained secretary of the Nagpur District Council of the CPI for decades. He was elected secretary of the Maharashtra State Council and later a member of the National Council of the Party. During the Puducherry Party Congress he was elected member-secretary of the Central Control Commission.

We are releasing the text of a letter written by Sitaram Yechury, CPI(M) General Secretary and Leader of the CPI(M) Group in Rajya Sabha, to the Prime Minister demanding introduction and passing of a legislation in the forthcoming Parliament session which not only confers on farmers the Right to Sell at MSP but also guarantees an automatic annual review of the MSP, which will be, at least, 50 per cent more than production costs.

Dear Pradhan Mantri Ji,

I am writing this letter to draw your attention to the plight of farmers across India, which has resulted in a high level of rural distress, including thousands of suicides by farmers in the past three years. There have been increasing protests by farmers in one state after another, which have been met by your silence and apathy while the state governments of your party have let the police lose on the poor farmers. Six farmers have lost their lives in police firing in Madhya Pradesh, many seriously injured. Meanwhile, many continue to commit distress suicides, the latest such tragedy occurring in the CM's own constituency.

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