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  • Communists urge mass movement for Covid-19 Battles

    ‘Of course people are angry that Tory government adviser Dominic Cummings has broken the rules that most other people have kept’, Mollie Brown told the Communist Party’s political committee on Wednesday evening (May 27). 

    ‘They sense that we are not “all in it together” and that there’s one set of rules for the rich and powerful and another for the rest of us’, she told the online meeting. 



    “Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths, today slammed the ex foreign secretaries seeking to stir up further social unrest in Hong Kong, “Britain’s empire in the Far East is dead and the sooner these backward-looking politicians realise it, the better it will be for friendly and mutually beneficial relations between our countries.


  • BCV sues the Bank of England for illegal withholding of Venezuelan gold

    This Thursday, May 28, the hearing between the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) and the Bank of England will continue in London due to the refusal of the British financial organization to deliver part of the gold belonging to the Venezuelan State, said the president of the issuing entity, Calixto Ortega Sánchez.


  • Venezuela will bring those involved in gold stripping at the Bank of England before the International Criminal Court

    The Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, reported on Tuesday that next Thursday, May 28, the Bolivarian Government will assume a hearing in the English courts on a lawsuit filed on May 14 by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) against the Bank of England, for the illegal retention of gold reserves valued at approximately one billion dollars.


  • Open letter to all working people from the Communist Party

    Dear comrade, sister or brother,

    The Communist Party is writing to you as one of the millions of people whose work keeps our society going in good times and bad.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the value of all those workers who have continued to provide the goods and services that we all need to survive.


  • 1945 and its aftermath – an eyewitness remembers

    Communist Party veteran DAVID GROVE remembers celebrating victory over fascism 75 years ago, and asks why the bright promise of 1945 went unfulfilled.

    OR anyone, like me, born in the 1920s, the year 1945 was, politically, the most exciting of our lives. And it was probably the most critical year in human history.

    Worldwide there was victory over fascism, and in Britain Labour won the general election with a big majority on a radical manifesto.


  • 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two

    Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths said today (May 8), “Today is a special day. A day to celebrate with joy the triumph of democracy, independence and liberation in Europe over the deadly force of fascism, on May 8 and 9,1945.


  • Britain's communists condemn Venezuela coup attempt

    Communist Party of Britain international secretary John Foster has issued the following statement today (May 5 2020)

    The Communist Party of Britain condemns the attempted infiltration of armed mercenaries into Venezuelan territory on 4 May reportedly acting for the US-backed usurper Juan Guaido. The attack demonstrates the criminal irresponsibility of the US government in funding and supporting Guaido’s terrorist organisation and for maintaining its blockade of the sovereign state of Venezuela at the time of an unprecedented health emergency.


  • Long live International Workers Day!

    On this International Workers’ Day, the coronavirus crisis has demonstrated, in stark and dramatic ways, that it is the labour power of the working class – whether by hand or brain – which makes our society function.

    We could manage without the bankers, the speculators, the property tycoons, the wealthy shareholders – but our society would collapse in one week without the workers who provide our essential industries and services. Capitalism’s bankers and financiers and billionaires like Richard Branson have their begging bowls out for public money when their system is in crisis – yet they take evey opportunity to live as tax exiles overseas to avoid paying tax.


  • “Urgent need for a stronger Communist party”

    ‘Yet, at this very time, the pro-capitalist forces in the Labour Party are triumphant behind new leader Keir Starmer, determined to push the party back to the mushy middle-ground and marginalise the left’, he warned.

    Mr Johnson said the recent internal report on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party recounted a ‘horror story’ of abuse, sabotage and betrayal of the party and its former leader Jeremy Corbyn and his team’.


  • COVID crisis and Labour's right-turn show urgent need for stronger Communist Party

    'The coronavirus exposes the fundamentally anti-social nature of capitalism with its corporate greed and market anarchy', Steve Johnson told the Communist Party's political committee online on Wednesday evening April 22). 'Yet, at this very time, the pro-capitalist forces in the Labour Party are triumphant behind new leader Keir Starmer, determined to push the party back to the mushy middle-ground and marginalise the left', he warned. Mr Johnson said the recent internal report on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party recounted a 'horror story' of abuse, sabotage and betrayal of the party and its former leader Jeremy Corbyn and his team'. 'Staff misconduct would normally be a purely internal matter', Mr Johnson remarked, 'but this was on a scale which - together with Starmer's disastrous anti-Brexit policy - fatally undermined Labour's General Election chances last December, robbing the people of Britain of a government whose values and priorities would have been fundamentally different in the current COVID-19 crisis'.


  • Lenin

    From its formation 100 years ago, the Communist Party in Britain has based itself on the principles of Marx, Engels and Lenin. In particular, Lenin's teachings on the state, revolution, imperialism, the national question, the party and working class power have enriched Marxism and informed, educated and inspired many millions of Communists across the globe. Today, the principles of Marxism-Leninism remain the basis of our revolutionary programme Britain's Road to Socialism. The best way to honour the memory of Lenin is to join and help strengthen the Communist Party of Britain as a proud and integral contingent of the international Communist movement.


  • Labour's leaked report records a class struggle for control of the party

    Labour’s 2015-20 leader Jeremy Corbyn flanked by his deputy Tom Watson, who is repeatedly referenced as engaged in plots to undermine him in a newly leaked internal report

    Morning Star, 13th April 2020

    HUGE numbers of Labour Party members will back Fire Brigades Union leader Matt Wrack in demanding action over Labour’s leaked internal report on the handling of anti-semitism complaints.


  • The case for Socialism

    THE CASE FOR SOCIALISM - needed now more than ever. The Communist Party has launched a new up-to-the-minute updated programme, ‘Britain’s Road to Socialism’. Its arguments against capitalism are compelling and its case for socialism has never in Britain, been put with greater force or conviction. We urge you to read it and pass it’s message round, hold online meetings and education classes. The package costs just £3 and is available here. Multiple copies can be bought and if you agree with the revolutionary case for socialism, you can apply to join us too.


    Communist Party of Britain


  • "Welsh and UK governments ignored warning of pandemic shortages", say Communists

    After an online meeting of the Welsh Communist Party's executive committee today (Sunday, April 5), Welsh CP secretary Trevor Jones issued the following statement:

    "The Welsh Communist Party salutes the heroic working people of Wales who are in the front line, fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and keeping our society running. Once again, it is starkly obvious who does the essential work on which we all rely!


  • Communists warn of huge bill to rescue capitalism

    'The COVID-19 pandemic should not be blamed for yet another severe crisis of the capitalist system caused by corporate ownership of the economy and the anarchy of market forces', Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths told an online meeting of the party's executive committee at the weekend.


  • Britain's Communists welcome international 'Open Letter' on COVID-19 crisis

    Along with more than 230 political parties across the world, the Communist Party of Britain has signed an Open Letter on the COVID-19 crisis from the Communist Party of China.


  • Communists condemn neoliberalism's 'deadly damage' to emergency defences

    'Ten years of neoliberal economic and financial policies have done deadly damage to our defences against health and other public emergencies', the Communist Party declared on Wednesday evening (March 25).

    Reporting to an online meeting of the party's Political Committee, General Secretary Robert Griffiths attacked the past ten years of spending cuts, tax relief for the rich and big business and the outsourcing and privatisation of public services. 'Almost every capitalist government is now compelled to use methods deployed so effectively by the Chinese authorities to counter the Covid-19 virus, based on state intervention, planning and control of essential industries and services', Mr Griffiths pointed out.


  • UK - Ambulance workers left with no hand sanitiser, wipes or masks and faulty testing gear (GMB)

    Ambulance workers across the UK turned up for shifts this morning to find no hand sanitiser, face masks or wipes and faulty testing equipment, GMB Union says. Paramedics and ambulance workers are also being forced to deal with inconsistent guidance and fatigue due to increased workloads as colleagues self-isolate.  Meanwhile 111 call numbers are up to 70% higher than this time last year.

    GMB has five key demands the Government must meet to keep emergency workers - and the British public - safe:


  • Unite the Union: We need measures equal to the economic and public health emergencies upon us

    Responding to chancellor Rishi Sunak's package of support for businesses announced this evening (Tuesday, 17 March) and the prime minister's pledge to do `whatever it takes' to support people and jobs through the corona virus crisis, the head of the UK's leading union, Unite, has said that his union stands ready to play their part throughout this time of crisis.

    Len McCluskey, Unite's general secretary said: "It is abundantly clear that we need a package of measures equal to the public health and economic emergencies now upon us.


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