Saturday, 24. March 2018

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) called people to defend the right to vote in face of the last changes in regulations of the electoral system that turn elections into a show.

According to the soL news portal, TKP called on the people "to defend right to vote" noting that the elections in Turkey has been turned into a show and said "We will not leave our right to vote to the mercy of Erdoğan and his Supreme Electoral Council. TKP will do its part to raise the people."

PAME, which represents the class trade union movement of Greece, expresses its solidarity and support to the USB Italy and the workers of Leroy Merlin, who are exploited through the "caporalato" method.

The multinationals exploit workers in all countries with similar ways. This why it is very important to support and multiply common initiatives of the workers in Multinationals such as Leroy Merlin.

The Workers’ Party have called on the government to ensure regulations are in place governing the use of digital data by Cambridge Analytica-style companies, ahead of May’s referendum on the 8th amendment.

Workers’ Party councillor Éilis Ryan said:

“Kanto, the company hired by anti-choice campaigners to run their digital campaigning in the lead up to May’s referendum, were founded by the people behind Cambridge Analytica. Given the accusations now being levelled at Cambridge Analytica about how they bought and used personal data to influence votes in Britain, it is essential that regulations are introduced well in advance of the May referendum, which stop a similar scenario from happening here.”

In a statement regarding the multinational air force exercise "Iniochos 2018" in Greece, the Press Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece points out the following:

"The multinational exercise "Iniochos 2018", with the participation of a large number of forces from the USA, Britain, Italy, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus, is not being conducted neither for the strengthening of the defense or for the protection of the country's sovereign rights, but constitutes a "war rehearsal".


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On the 20th of March, thousands of demonstrators through their participation in rallies and demonstrations in Athens, Pireaus, and other cities, sent a deceive message to reinforce the struggle for Collective labour Agreements being waged by Federations, Labour Centres and Trade Unions, in response to the call of the All-Workers’ Militant Front (PAME).

Not only the cooperatives that provide manpower to Leroy Merlin do not guarantee the respect of the con-tract and the minimum rights -layoffs are daily and the replacement is very high, just workers try to raise the head – but they change continuously name and fiscal code to escape the labour inspectors in order to con-tinue undisturbed to violate the rules governing wages, regular contributions, and the protection of health in plants. In this often helped by complacent unions.

On Saturday, March 17 we witnessed a new tragedy in Agathonisi (a small Greek island near the borders with Turkey) where 16 refugees were drowned (among them 6 children and one infant), trying to cross the Aegean sea and reach the coasts of Greece.

This tragedy is not only a new list of drowned refugees, immigrants and their children.

The All Workers Militant Front (PAME) expresses its solidarity to the workers in the Chemical Industry and the Railways in France, to WFTU’s members and friends, who are preparing strikes on the 22th of March and in the following weeks against the new anti-labor measures of the French government.

The French government, together with the European Union, serving the interests of the business groups, carries on the privatizations and attacks rights that the workers have conquered through years of struggle.

Rather, they prefer to whip up 'nationalist hysteria' against a foreign enemy in which anyone who questions attacks on Russia or challenges higher British spending on armaments will be accused of treachery.

'This was the trap set for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party leadership and then supported by right-wing Labour MPs', Mr Foster accused.

But the Labour leader had been right to insist that the British government should provide 'clear evidence' for its claims of Russian involvement in the Salisbury attack on a former spy and his daughter.
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