Workers, young and old, unemployed, retired,

 Holidays, rest and leisure are a necessity for all workers, especially in the period we are going through. It is a right that we claim and defend. At the same time, however, the summer heat comes with the escalation of the anti-workers attack.

Instead of providing solutions to the huge problems of the working class, the government, in the summer, as the previous one did, brings bills, under the orders of the industrialists, the ship-owners, the bankers.

In a number of areas and sectors, the employers’ attack is gaining momentum as bosses take advantage of government’s anti-workers’ measures...

PAME, a member of the WFTU, expresses its solidarity with the great mobilizations of AIRBUS workers around the world for their right to work.

The multinational AIRBUS announced its plan for more than 15,000 layoffs by the end of the year in France, Spain, Germany, etc. while at the same time it is subsidized with billions of euros by governments. This development also proves that the profits...

On Tuesday, July 21, a meeting of the Regional Trade Union of Lavrio – East Attica was held with the UD CGT 94 of Val de Marne France on the situation of workers at airports.

The meeting was attended by the UD CGT 94 and representatives of Unions of the Paris ORLY airport, the Trade Union of Lavrio – East Attica and the Workers’ Committee of Athens International Airport.

At the meeting...

Thousands of working people, youth, self-employed and pensioners protested yesterday (9/7) outside of the Parliament following the call from dozens of unions, Labor Centers, and Federations that rally with PAME, along with mass organizations, all powerfully shouting “this law will not be implemented, no compromise with repression!”

The thousands of protesters in Athens and dozens of other...

PAME held mass rallies in Athens and other Greek cities against the government’s bill that bans the demonstrations, which was being discussed in the Parliament at the same time.

Thousands of gathered workers, students and other organizations sent a message of protest, denouncing the government’s attempt to silence and put on hold the people’s struggles. They also shouted that the workers’ and...

Telecom Workers Unions of Greece (SETIP) held strike action in the multinationals NOKIA and LG against the announcement of layoffs in both companies.

At the same time the unions in Athens and Thessaloniki held protests against the plans of the Greek Government to ban demonstrations and strike action. In Athens the Union protested at the Ministry of Labor. During the meeting with the Ministry the...

Numerous activities were organised by KNE’s Organisations all over Greece for 26 June, International Day Against Drugs.

With events, meetings, exhibitions, film screenings, sports tournaments, artistic creation, etc. we are sending a strong message against all drugs, while at the same time we promote KNE's positions, by disseminating in a mass way the publication of the Committee of the Central...

The Struggles Will Not Be Stopped!

 What the Government and employers did not achieve during the quarantine, to silence the mouths of the workers in healthcareand supermarket, the teachers, the hotel employees, all the workers and our people as a whole, they want to do so now with a junta-inspired law that imposes new measures of restriction, repression and banning of our basic democratic...

On Tuesday, June 23, SETIP Union of Athens (Union of Workers in Telecommunications) mobilized at the Ministry of Labor with the workers of NOKIA against the dismissals planned in Greece by the multinational.

NOKIA took advantage of the teleworking in the pandemic and imposed labor intensification, unpaid overtime and flexible working hours and at the same time is dismissing thousands of workers...

Healthcare workers of Greece went on National strike, first time since the outbreak of the pandemic, demanding recruitment of permanent staff to all public hospitals, exclusively public and completely free Healthcare system for all.

The National Federation of Public Hospital Doctors (OENGE) noted “We strengthen the voice of demands and struggle once again! For the satisfaction of our just...

The workers of LARCO Metal Industry demonstrated in Athens on Saturday, June 13, demanding to stop the plans for the complete privatization of the factory, protection of jobs, health and safety measures.

PAME and the class unions of Athens welcomed the demonstrators and demanded immediate funding for the operation of the factory.



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