The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), as the only voice of the international class-oriented trade union movement and in the name of its 105 million affiliates in 132 countries across the world, affirms its internationalist solidarity with the porters of the French multinational Carrefour in the logistics warehouse in Pavia, northern Italy, who have been struggling hard in order to defend their labour rights.

The management of the warehouse staff has been asking workers to pay the debt of its owners’ losses while terrorizing, attacking and firing workers who protest and organize their struggle. So, the warehouse porters have climbed the 10-meter high shelves and do not intend to come down until the satisfaction of their rightful demands, while their families are trying to prevent Carrefour from hiring strikebreakers.

The big trade union family of the WFTU stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Italy, supporting their just demands. At the same time, we call upon trade unions, our affiliates and friends, to send their solidarity with  Carrefour warehouse workers and their struggle.

Long live internationalist solidarity !

The WFTU Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions

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