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More than 10.000€ in fines and prison years petitions after the successful trade union struggles in “La Sangiovesa” and “Huerta de Peralta”.
The public prosecutor calls 2 and half prison year’s petition and 5 years expulsion from the Spanish State to one Huerta de Peralta worker who was injured two times by the Police.

The trade unions understood as an instrument at the service of the working class struggle is more necessary than ever. The working class and specially the workers with precariousness job conditions need committed, active effective trade unions. Fortunately the trade union struggles are multiplying during the last months; La Sangiovesa and Huerta de Peralta (Basque Companies) are two significant examples.

The participation of women during the Spanish Civil War much like, women’s involvement here in the period surrounding the 1916 rising and war of independence has in many way been downplayed or outright ignored.

These backlashes and rewriting of struggles are depressingly common and generally follow when women or any oppressed group have gained ground – a reversion to the status quo. In both Spain and Ireland catholic institutions and practices were used to place a stranglehold on women’s rights. Fascist Spain offered celebration of “Nationalist Womanhood” and “mother of the nation” type traditional and repressive sensibilities while Ireland had the “special place” of women in the home enshrined in the constitution.

Building upon our commitment to anticapitalist struggle, the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles has noted and denounced the necessary complicity of patriarchy in the reproduction and perpetuation of the exploitation of the working class, based in the submission and double exploitation of women and individuals sexual identities other than that of the heterosexual male. When we speak of women in the plural we refer to all of them, to girls, adults, and the elderly, to lesbians, trans, bisexuals and cis, to mothers, to wage earners, to female workers, to the unemployed, to dependents, to the functionally diverse, to the ones killed, to all.

Police attacked Amazon workers’ strike in Madrid, capturing a PCPE member.

Amazon workers in Germany, Poland and Spain are simultaneously carrying out a strike for improved working conditions. The workers who are on a three-day strike in the logistic center of San Fernando, Madrid are also receiving the support of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE). On July 17, the national police brutally attacked workers and captured three of them, including the Secretary of the Regional Committee of the PCPE in Madrid, Hugo Carrasco.

pcpePCPE released a statement on the political situation in Spain underlying the necessity of the class struggle.

Political debates in Spain seem to get accelerated with the so-called "Gürtel case" and the PSOE's demand for a vote of confidence. The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE) released a statement on the political situation in Spain on May 25. The statement makes a general analysis of the recent developments and explains the position adopted by the PCPE.

ETAWe reproduce the dissolution statement of Basque underground organization ETA, translated by the online portal naiz:

ETA, the Basque socialist revolutionary organization for national liberation, hereby informs the Basque people that, following the ratification by its members of the proposal to conclude this Organization's historical cycle and function, its journey has ended. As a consequence of this decision:

• ETA has completely dismantled all of its structures.

• ETA has put an end to all its political activity. It will no longer express political positions, promote initiatives or interact with other actors.

FinlandFinnish MP of the Centre Party and the host of the visit to Finland by the exiled President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont Mikko Känä sends a direct message to prime minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy:

- Mr. Rajoy must now acknowledge, that independence process of Catalonia has gone international and Spains every action is being monitored by citizens, politicians and human rights organizations across the globe. Rajoy must now let Catalonia go, or face the dire consequences.

comunistes de catalunyaAbout 40 communist and worker's parties from around the world, includig the communist parties of Greece, Portugal, Italy and Brasil, have undersigned a statement of solidarity with the Catalan people and against the political repression of the Spanish state against the political movement in Catalonia:

The undersigned, Communist Parties and Workers gathered in St. Petersburg at the XIX Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties condemn the repression that the police of the Spanish State exercised on October 1 against the people of Catalonia in their struggle for the right to self-determination , the right of expression, assembly and demonstration.

tv3TV3, Catalunya Ràdio and the Agència Catalana de Notícies (ACN) announce their common position as a response to the announcement of intervention of the Catalan public media system made by the government of Spain as part of the application of the article 155 of the Spanish Constitution

The public broadcasters TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio were founded in 1983 under a mandate from all the political parties then represented in the Catalan Parliament, the institution which represents the will of the citizens of Catalonia whom it is our duty to serve.

WFTUThe World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) which represents more than 92 million workers in 126 countries of the whole world, strongly condemns the events that took place today in Catalonia, where the Spanish state’s repressive forces injured, assaulted and arrested many civilians in Catalonia who wanted to express freely and democratically their opinions.

Communist Party of BritainThe Communist Party of Britain condemns the repressive actions taken by the Spanish government to halt the independence referendum in Catalonia. It sends its solidarity to the Communist Party of Spain, the United Left and other progressive forces who gathered over the weekend at the Assembly of Representatives in Zaragoza to assert and defend the rights of the Catalonian people to hold a referendum on their national future.

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