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Metalworkers in Bizkaia (Basque region) continue the mobilizations in the context of 5 days strike called in the sector. 85% of workers have supported the strike facing the strong police confrontation.

After the meeting with management they gave to workers the following proposal:

In the meeting after trade unions valuation the management only has threatened the workers. The management not only is irresponsible and overbearing, they are nervous as well. The management only worry are the strikes, their worry are not the metalworkers and its job conditions.

At the same time the metalworkers has asked the Basque president Urkullu’s resign for give the back to metalworkers and support the management interests. In our opinion this is very serious. Urkullu has supported the interest of the 2% of the society, the people who accumulate richness and has gave the back to workers. For that the president Urkullu has to resign. The working class can’t accept one president vassal of the management.


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)

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