19 | 06 | 2019

KPP PolandCommunist Party of Poland expresses its indignation at the dismantling of the monument of Nikos Beloyannis in Wroclaw. Monument was located at the yard of the 22nd Primary School in Stablowice district.

Letter of solidarity with the Communist Party of Poland

Dear comrades,

Congratulationson your recent victory when the regional court in Dąbrowa Górnicza acquitted themembers of the editorial board of the Communist Party of Poland magazine “Brzask”and the website of the Communist Party of Poland of charges of “promoting a totalitariansystem”.

KPP PolandOn the 18th of January the regional court in Dąbrowa Górnicza acquitted of the members of the editorial board of the Communist Party of Poland magazine „Brzask” and party's website of charges of „promoting totalitarian system”.

On December 3, 2018 the CPRF branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Smolensk arranged a series of protest actions as a part of international campaign in support of the Communist Party of Poland which is under persecution of the Polish government.

Hands off the Communist Party of Poland! That was the demand of protesters to the Polish authority explicitly indicated by CPRF speakers.

KPP PolandStatement of the CP of Poland on the state celebrations of the independence day

In Poland, the 11th of November again became a pretext to promote the militarism and fascism. The authorities of the Polish state marched hand in hand with the nationalists. Once again the red and white banners serve as a cover-up for xenophobia, racism, and fascism. Poland's rulers once again use the nationalist euphoria in order to divert the attention from real social problems. The Polish state again gives the citizens nationalist paraphernalia instead of what they really need.

comunistaThe Communist Party of Poland wishes to express its utmost indignation at the destruction of the monument commemorating the soldiers of the Red Army situated in the Skaryszewski Park in Warsaw. The monument was erected on the site where soldiers fallen in 1944 during the liberation of Prague district were buried. The inhabitants of this district have regarded this monument as an integral part of the Park for years and the overwhelming majority of them wished to preserve it. It has been the last monument commemorating the liberation of Warsaw outside the cemetery-mausoleum of Soviet soldiers.

The Communist Party of Poland denounced the political persecution launched by the Polish authorities who on the other hand promote neo-nazis.

According to a statement issued by the Communist Party of Poland (CPP), on the 11th of May police entered the conference on Marxism held in Szczecin University’s facilities in Pobierowo. The functionaries acting on demand of the prosecutor’s office were searching for evidence of “promoting totalitarian system”.

The Communist Party of Greece denounces the unacceptable persecution by the Polish authorities and the Polish government against a professor who organized a conference on Marxism at the University of Szczecin.

The repetition of the anticommunist trial against the CP of Poland and its cadres is scheduled for March 1st.

It is a trial that has been continuing for the last two years, with the provocative accusation of “propaganda of communist ideology” in the newspaper “Brzask” and the website of the CP of Poland, with threats of sentences of up to two years in prison.

The Polish authorities, which set up this trial, are attempting to outlaw the CP of Poland. A new law on de-communisation was also introduced to remove monuments and the names of the streets associated with the history of the workers’ and communist movement. These anti-communist measures are created as part of a process of rewriting history.

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