26 | 06 | 2019

International Federation of Resistance FightersWe publish a statement issued by the International Federation of Resistance Fighters - Antifascist Association (FIR).

71 years after the liberation from Fascism and war, FIR sees with great concern serious problems in several European countries, especially in Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, the Baltics, Hungary, Ukraine, and Croatia et.al.) because of historical revisionist trends.

It is unacceptable that monuments of the liberators are dismantled and destroyed by the today’s political governments (Poland, Croatia, and Ukraine).
It is unacceptable that the heroic struggle of the partisans and the resistance fighters are denounced and the values are minimalized in the public.
It is unacceptable equalizing fascism with communism or the leaders of the anti-fascist victory with Nazi criminals.
It is unacceptable that Nazi collaborators and SS soldiers were honored as highly recommended in the Baltics and Ukraine, and they are called »freedom fighters«.
It is unacceptable that today’s generations are confronted with faulty information and revisionist views on the struggle of the Resistance (Hungary and Poland).

Refugees welcomeWe, the trade union organizations who live daily the problems and the hardships the refugees suffer, we take up the initiative to call in massive mobilization and action the trade unions and the workers, for Solidarity and Support to the migrants and refugees.

The refugees and migrants were uprooted by their homelands by the murderous machine of USA-NATO-European Union and the wars it caused in Syria, Ukraine, Middle East and Africa. They organize imperialist intervention, undermine and obstruct the right of the peoples to decide themselves for their present and their future. They push to migration and turn millions of peoples into refugees, aiming to the control of the natural resources and their transport routes.

World Federation of Democratic YouthThe World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) pulished this statement regarding the mobilization of refugees to Europe:

During the last month we are witnessing the massive mobilization of refugees mainly from Syria to Europe. The pictures of dead people on the Mediterranean coast is a picture of the results of the imperialist actions, those people experienced the bloodshed in Middle East and North Africa the last years.

Even though, the EU is pointing out that is making efforts for a better immigration policy, in reality it avoids systematically to provide support to the countries receiving those people.

Demonstration against the genocide in Mediterranean, today in Barcelona. Foto: Stop Mare MortumDeclaring that Europe is facing »a moment of truth« with hundreds of thousands of people risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea, the head of the United Nations refugee agency today urged the European Union (EU) to admit up to 200,000 asylum-seekers fleeing conflict zones like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

»Europe cannot go on responding to this crisis with a piecemeal or incremental approach. No country can do it alone, and no country can refuse to do its part,« the UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres said in a statement laying out a set of six guidelines ahead of a key round of emergency EU meetings on the crisis.

FIRFacing the scandalous incidents in several European countries in dealing with refugees, the FIR is very worried.

We remind you that most of people not voluntarily leave their home. However conflicts particularly in North Africa and the Middle East – escalated also by the politics of the States of the European Union – force more and more people from these countries to leave their homes and seek shelter in other parts of the world.

Based on this, we can not accept it in any way that the European Union - despite statements to the contrary - tried de facto by all means, to stop people fleeing from great distress or because of the threat of war and misery of their homeland, at the crossing of the Europe's external borders. It is now several thousand in the Mediterranean drowned refugees are taken approvingly accepted. Instead of taking the distress of refugees in the view, the governments advised only how more refugees and "organized criminal gangs" can be stopped.

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