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wftuOn the occasion of the strike today, on the 27th of April 2016, of ground crews, check-in staff, repair workers and the fire department at airports in Germany, the World Federation of Trade Unions and its 92 million members around the world extend our solidarity to your struggle.

German Communist PartyGerman Communist PartyAccording to the soL news portal, the German Communist Party (DKP) declared that it has ended is observer status at the Party of European Left (EL) by a decision at its  21st Congress. The reason of the termination of the observer status is said to be EL's approval of the EU system, which communists struggle to overcome. »EL had also approved a protective responsibility for the military interventions to countries violating human rights, in the past« stated the decision.

#ausnahmslosWe reproduce here an appeal, issued by many German and International women as reaction on the sexually attacks occured at New Year's Eve:

On the night of New Year’s Eve, numerous women were sexually attacked in public spaces in Cologne and other German cities.. These crimes demand thorough and comprehensive investigations. The prevailing impunity regarding crimes of sexualised violence must end.

We demand that the survivors receive the best possible care and support. We are in solidarity with those who have experienced sexualised violence and harassment.

The German Communist Party formed a strong block in the demonstration. Foto: RedGlobeThe German Communist Party formed a strong block in the demonstration. Foto: RedGlobe

More than 250.000 persons demonstrated today in Berlin against the Transatlantic Free Trade Treaty TTIP between the European Union and the United States, and against a similary treaty between the EU and Canada (CETA). The protest was organized by several trade unions, ecologist groups, defenders of consumer rights and political parties. One of the organizers, Christoph Bautz of the citizen movement Campact, talked about »the greatest demonstration in this country for many years«.

Against FascismGerman police beat back far-right rioters intent on storming an asylum shelter near Dresden for the second time yesterday. Two police officers were injured defending the emergency centre for refugees from the fascist assault, which saw officers pelted with firecrackers, stones and bottles.

The former warehouse in Heidenau has been prepared to house 600 asylum-seekers, but on Friday night when the first were due to arrive a 1,000-strong demonstration of “concerned citizens” — many brandishing flags and banners of the neonazi National Democratic Party — marched through the small Saxony town. Others built barricades on the roads leading to the centre, attempting to stop coaches with refugees on board getting through.

We have been seeing, through the media, a rise of solidarity amongst the Germans towards refugees. There has been article after article reporting about welcome structures in different parts of the country. Different people are creating websites offering temporary accommodation to refugees, others are collecting basic clothes, food supplements and taking to the refugees camped in front of the Berliner Lageso, the state Office of Health and Welfare. The picture shows a situation maybe found in Lebanon, which hosts more than 1 million refugees, or in Greece, a country facing huge economic crisis, courtesy of Germany, and obviously incapable of offering much more than its citizens solidarity.

Today, Wednesday 8 July at 1800 CEST, WikiLeaks publishes three NSA intercepts of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, together with a list of 56 National Security Agency (NSA) target selectors for the Chancellor and the Chancellery. It lists not only confidential numbers for the Chancellor, but also for her top officials, her aides, her chief of staff, her political office and even her fax machine. The combined German NSA target lists released by WikiLeaks so far shows the NSA explicitly targeted for long-term surveillance 125 phone numbers for top German officials and did so for political and economic reasons, according to its own designations.

The intercepts published today show that the most senior levels of the US Executive were appraised of Chancellor Merkel's plans on how to respond to the international financial crisis and the Eurozone bank bailout. Her private views about Obama's engagement with Iran were also intercepted as she spoke to the United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Shaykh Muhammad bin Zayid al-Nuhayyan.

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