16 | 12 | 2019

The Migrants and Refugees Committee of the WFTU strongly denounce the inhuman, immoral and unacceptable treatment of the asylum seekers in Hungary.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed the reported information regarding the decision of Hungary to intentionally deny the food to the asylum seeker, whose asylum claims have been rejected.

The All Workers Militant Front of Greece (PAME), a member of the World Federation of Trade Unions,WFTU, which represents the class trade union movement of Greece, expresses its solidarity with the just protests of the workers of Hungary.

munkaspart neuSeveral protests have been held in Hungary since December 8, mobilising a few thousands of people. In the parliament, the opposition parties attacked the ruling parties and wanted to paralyse the parliament's work by obstruction. What is happening in Hungary?

On November 2, 2018, three lawmakers of the ruling Fidesz party submitted a draft law in order to amend the labour code. The amendment allows on top of the 40 normal working hours per week 400 extra hours per year, instead of the current 250 hours. But the amount of extra work should be counted not in 12 months as before, but in 36 months.

The World Federation of Trade Unions representing more than 95 million workers in 130 countries, unites its voice with the voices of the Hungarian workers in their struggle against the recent legislative initiative issued by Orban’s nationalist government that allows employers to force employees to work more overtime.

The protesters have justly named this law “slave law” as it permits the employers to ask for 400 overtime work per year, which adds two extra hours to an average work day, or the equivalent of an extra workday per week.

The Hungarian Workers' Party issued a resolution about its 27th Congress convened in Budapest on December 8. The new strategic decision of the Party was praised with the slogan "Strong Hungarian Workers' Party!" and was described as to become an active participant of the internal political fight with quick assessment, quick reaction and quick action. The resolution read, "The Hungarian Workers' Party is a living, active, working party. We are true to our principles, we hold to our history, but we are up-to-date, we constantly modernise and renew our work. We consequently undertake the task of representing Hungarian national values and interests. This is the condition of the party's survival and strengthening." Underlining the crisis of the capitalist system and the fragility of Hungarian capitalism, the Party pointed out the possibility of radical external changes and internal developments that may launch in Hungary "a new, radical era of the class struggle."

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in the European Parliament (EP) voted for the resolution condemning the anti-communist and racist government of Hungary.

The delegation of the KKE in the EP voted for the resolution condemning the government of Hungary but also denounced the equally anti-immigrant attitude of the EU. The KKE in its press release explained that "the positive vote" about Orban’s government is a political position against the policy of anti-communism of the Hungarian government, its racist policy against refugees and immigrants and every kind of racist discriminations.

A delegation from the Hungarian Workers' Party (Munkaspart), leaded by President Gyula Thürmer, paid a visit to Turkey in August on the invitation of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP). Bilateral meetings were held regarding various matters such as the struggle in workplaces, youth works and anti-communism. Thürmer answered the questions of soL HD. Thirty years after the dissolution of socialism in Hungary, Thürmer asserts that the time is working for us at this stage of capitalist crisis.

soL: Welcome to İstanbul. We hope you had a nice time here. First of all, what was the purpose of your visit?

Gyula Thürmer: Thank you very much for your question. It is my third or fourth visit to İstanbul. We represent here, the Hungarian Workers’ Party. We, in Hungary, are living very similar situation like you do in Turkey. We know much about the activity of the Communist Party of Turkey and we arrived at İstanbul to study your experience to learn a lot from your party and to use your experience in our fight against capitalism in Hungary.

Hungary has erected a vast fence and is mobilising troops to keep out refugees, not stinting on forceful methods. European leaders have responded to this humanitarian crisis merely with cold, “rational” calculations.

The »West Balkans Way«, taken by thousands of refugees who hope to enter Western Europe, has found itself thrust to the top of the agenda at the Vienna Summit, which opened this Thursday 27th August. Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis, fleeing persecution and war, pass in their thousands through Turkey, then onwards through Greece, Macedonia (which has now declared a state of emergency) and Serbia before hitting Hungary, the door to the Schengen Area.

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