16 | 12 | 2019

Marco Rizzo commented on the political crisis in Italy.

On August 17, Alberto Maggi interviewed Marco Rizzo, General Secretary of the Partito Comunista, for Affari Italiani.

"What we define as markets," describes Rizzo, "in reality, are the command line of capitalist globalization, which dramatize the economic situation and then impose a clear solution as they are used to do." In case of a 5 Star - PD government, Rizzo asserts that such a government would have nothing subversive to the powers given by the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank, NATO and the EU itself. Paradoxically, the case of a League government that would emerge from the elections and would represent a certainly liberal version of a part of the Italian media and bourgeoisie, Rizzo interprets, would be a less welcome situation. The General Secretary adds that beyond the anti-European discourses, Salvini has never questioned even the European treaties.

TUI Transport, Ports, Fishery and Communication, Sectoral Organization of WFTU strongly condemns the prohibition decision related to the strike called by USB Italy. Unione Sindacale Di Base (USB), which is the representative of Class Oriented Union Movement in Italy, had called for a strike on 12th April and the Government of Italy responded this militant call by prohibiting it.

This is a clear violation of the right to go on strike, which is one of the most important rights of Working Class gained at the expense of a long-term class struggle.

PAME expresses its support to the activities of the USB Italy Trade Union in Defense of the Right to go on Strike.

USB denounced the decision of the Government Commission to prohibite the Strike that the Union had called for April 12th. Responding to the ban, the USB calls on three-day actions to defend the Right to Strike with Demonstrations across Italy on April 12 and strike action in various sectors over the next weeks.

The government of "Movimento 5 Stelle" and the right-wing party "Lega" in Italy is giving rise to anti-popular policies. In education, the reduction of social spendings and subordination to the interests of the capital are among the "European objectives" that the new government strictly follows. In November, the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, declared the will to allocate 200 millions of euros for the installation of security cameras in Italian schools, calling this measure “Safe Schools”. Recently, the same government approved the budget law leading to a cut of 4 billion € in education.

Very high participation in the national strike of logistics promoted by USB against repression, dismissals and the system of procurement in the sector. Percentages ranging from 50 to 80 per cent of memberships have closed or greatly slowed down work in the warehouses of the main logistics hubs of Piacenza, Caserta, Fiano, Cremona, Lodi, Florence, etc..

GLS fires 33 USB porters  and suspends 6 of them: they attack the union to stop the fights.

Yesterday, 29 January, 33 dismissal letters and 6 suspension letters were delivered to the workers of the GLS Piacenza hub.

This new measure is a collective disciplinary dismissal.

A large popular demonstration invaded the streets of the capital to claim “Nationalizations here and now”.

The event, organized by the Unione Sindacale di Base – to inaugurated the “International Week of Fight against privatizations” called by TUI PS&A to which other political and social groups have joined.

March of the red caps, full adhesion to the strike of the USB laborers.

The agricultural workers of Foggia joined the strike proclaimed by the USB after the two massacres of labourers, which claimed 16 lives in 48
hours. No one is at work in the fields around the ghetto of Rignano, in the town of San Severo, the heart of the protest, from where at 8 am the march of red berets headed to the prefecture of Foggia.

Twenty thousand from all over Italy responded to the appeal of the USB for a major demonstration against inequality. A mixed, combative and colourful procession, opened by the banner with the slogan “before the exploited”, moved from Piazza della Repubblica, delayed by almost two hours due to the police checks ordered by Interior Minister Salvini, with coaches from the various regions subjected to any kind of search.

Marco Rizzo, the GS of the Partito Comunista, made a brief comment on the Italian rejection of the rescue ship Aquarius.

On June 10, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini declared his refusal to accept the rescue ship Aquarius in Italian ports by claiming, "Saving lives is a duty, turning Italy into a huge refugee camp is not." The Aquarius had picked up 629 migrants mainly from the Sub-Saharan Africa from small boats sailing from Libya to Italy. Whereas the overcrowded Aquarius remained running out of provision at sea between Malta and Sicily, it has been eventually the new Spanish Government which offered to receive the vessel. Salvini, known for his populist anti-immigration policies, declared victory after Spain's offer. On the other hand, it must be noted that Spain lacks the necessary resources and infrastructure to cope with the migration crisis in the long term.

Usb Logistics and the porters Leroy Merlin were right: the head of the Premium Net consortium and 5 of its employees were arrested


WFTU trade unions supported our struggles bringing our fight and our protest also in their countries in front of Leroy Merlin shops.

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