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On September 2, the Acting Head of the DPR Dmitry Trapeznikov and Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin laid floral tribute to the Joseph Kobzon’s monument, which is located on a square near the Palace of Youth “Youth” in Donetsk.

Dmitry Trapeznikov reminded of the support provided by the great compatriot to the people of Donbass in his commentary to journalists.

Donezker VRDonetsk People's Republic (DPR) Head Alexander Zakharchenko has been killed in an explosion at the Separ restaurant in the Dontesk city center Friday evening, the DPR Head Administration said. »Unfortunately this is true, the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko is killed as a result of explosion. Details are to follow,« the statement reads.

The intersection of Pushkina street and Komsomolskiy av. where the restaurant is located in the Voroshilovskiy district of Donetsk cordoned off, DAN correspondent says. Fire engulfed the building after the explosion. Heavy presence of emergency services, law enforcement and ambulances is reported.

Despite the broad support of the world Communist and workers parties, the persecution of the leader of Ukrainian Communists and their Petro Symonenko continues. In addition to yesterday's 7-hour interrogation of  Petro Symonenko and four of our comrades, the Security service of Ukraine calls for questioning his wife Oksana Vashchenko and other members of his family. There is no doubt that this way the authorities are trying to silence the only political force defending the rights of workers in Ukraine and its leader.

kpu uaThe undersigned Parties condemn the outrageous and unprecedented attack of the Ukrainian authorities against the Communist Party of Ukraine and its Leader on 8 May, 2018. Thesearch of the CPU offices followed the violent entry and search of the authorities in the house of the CPU Leader, Petro Simonenko.

It is not by chance that these attacks have taken placeon the eve of the 9th of May, the Day of the Antifascist Victory of the peoples to which the Ukrainians had a significant and heroic contribution.

Ukrainian Security Service broke into the Communist Party's office and the First Secretary Petro Symonenko's house on the eve of the Victory Day.

On May 8, the eve of the 73rd anniversary of the Great Anti-Fascist Victory of the Peoples, Ukrainian Security Service broke into the premises of the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) in Kiev as well as into the office and house of the First Secretary Petro Symonenko.

kpukraineToday, on May 8, 2018, on the eve of the Victory Day, the chain dogs of the oligarch-Nazi regime from the power structures (at the moment there is no information on the condrete agency - the Security Service, the Procurator Office or the Police) appeared with a search to the leader of the Ukrainian communists Peter Simonenko. Without waiting for a lawyer, they began to break the gates.

In March, the ruling regime in Ukraine banned proliferation and began to withdraw from the libraries book "Application for suicide. Why Ukraine needs NATO?", published back in 2009, one of the authors of which was the leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine Petro Symonenko.

In April 2018 the Security Service of Ukraine conducted illegal searches in the premises of the Zhytomyr Regional Committee of the Communist Party and seized "terrorist" (according to the SBU) documents: greeting cards with the International Workers' Day and May 9 - Victory Day.

On April 23, the Security Service of Ukraine based on the denunciation of the head of Korostyshevka of the organization "Freedom" (founded as the Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine, that is in fact, the Nazi party) was searched in the premises of Zhytomyr regional organization of the CPU.

According to the list of documents as the material evidence of “unlawful activities” of Zhytomyr Communists the post-cards with the 9th of May - Victory Day congratulations which there is the symbolism of the USSR were seized. Well, of course these postcards should not be with the symbols of the Hitler Germany, honored by the “SS Galichina” “warriors” and by the Tyagnibok-Parubii party members.

kpukraineThe CC of the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU) blames government of using neo-Nazis to suppress dissidents.

A statement issued by the Department of International Relations of the KPU Central Committee mentioned the last raiding of a church by neo-Nazi groups and condemned the government of condoning such violations of the freedom of expression and religion in Ukraine.

Pro-fascist right-nationalist forces that came to power in Ukraine after the armed coup of 2014 grossly violate the Constitution, the rights and freedoms of citizens.

The ruling regime rudely suppresses any dissent, interferes in the activities of unwanted parties, public organizations, religious associations, persecutes representatives of traditional confessions, atheists.

Donezk KPFor a 4th year in a row, there has been a savage war waged in the region of Donbass. It ha claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people, with almost 24,000 wounded, and about 2 million were forced to leave their homes. Hundreds of children have been killed and injured. The blood of the inhabitants of Donbass is on the hands of the Kiev regime, which unleashed military aggression in response to the declaration of independence and self-determination of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

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