16 | 06 | 2019

A joint appeal from European Communist and Workers' Parties for the upcoming EP elections.

As the European Elections of May 2019 approach, a joint appeal is issued by a number of Communist and Workers' Parties from Europe. The declaration boldly underlines that the European Union functions as a European imperialist center and declares that any expectation for "reforming" or "democratizing" this institution in a pro-people direction has been proved to be futile.

Britain should leave the EU on March 29, liberating a future Labour government from EU Single Market rules and trading with EU and other countries on WTO terms if necessary, Britain's Communists declared at the weekend.

At the first meeting of its new Executive Committee elected at the 55th Congress, the Communist Party said that the 'pro-EU Tory minority regime' and the EU Commission could not be trusted to reach any withdrawal agreement that did not serve the interests of big business and the capitalist class.

On January 28, 2019 the CPRF arranged a rally in support of Nicolas Maduro – the only legal President of Venezuela.

CPRF Parliamentarians Denis Parfenov and Valery Rashkin in the strongest possible terms denounced the interference of the USA in the home affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in an attempt to subordinate it to the American interests alien to the Venezuelan people.

KPP PolandOn the 18th of January the regional court in Dąbrowa Górnicza acquitted of the members of the editorial board of the Communist Party of Poland magazine „Brzask” and party's website of charges of „promoting totalitarian system”.

Following an administrative, political and judicial harassment campaign targeting the Aquarius, SOS MEDITERRANEE announced its decision to stop chartering the ship it was operating with since the beginning of 2016. The Aquarius could no longer be a durable solution to save lives at sea after losing its flag under political pressure twice (Gibraltar and then Panama) and then being threatened with seizure by Italian judicial authorities. Despite our best efforts, negotiations with several countries to find a flag had not been successful.

Fabien Roussel presented yesterday, during his vows, the agenda of a PCF determined to "do everything possible to ensure that the voice of the citizens is not silenced".

Colonel Fabien Square, yesterday, the key was intended to be offensive. Fabien Roussel delivered to the press and a series of personalities - including the Venezuelan ambassador, officials of the CGT, the IF, Generation.s and associations - his first wishes as national secretary of the PCF. The policy of the "president of the ultramariches" has taken its toll. "Our young president still seems to be stuck in the old dogmas of capitalism. Except that his blindness leads our country into a deadlock and causes anger to rise, which is now exploding," said the MP from the North, whose formation supports the yellow vest movement as the CGT’s call for mobilization for February 5.

Contraceptive pill can be taken every day of the month – the original seven day break brought in so “the Pope would accept it” as natural.

Cathie Shiels, Workers’ Party representative in Ballymun-Finglas said she was ‘Infuriated, but not surprised’ to find out today that the contraceptive pill can be taken every day of the month.

Speaking today she said: “It turns out that the man who invented the pill, a Catholic gynaecologist, thought that if he imitated a woman’s natural cycle, the Pope would be more inclined to accept it. However the encyclical Humanae Vitae, written by Pope Paul VI in 1968 enshrined the ban on contraception all the same. It is frustrating that this unnecessary 7 day break, introduced to pacify a Pope who is now long dead was maintained.

For most, it’s rare that modern discussions of gender extend beyond screenshotted tumblr posts and miseducated arguments over gender, sex and their differences – but debating human identities is far from anything new. Like all western social norms, ‘gender’ stems from economic relationships with land, wealth and privilege. Your favourite youtuber may have helped remind you to put compassion before tradition, but without an understanding of the reasons gender norms exist, we as a species can never defeat hundreds of years of gender oppression. The 15th Century brought about the Age of Discovery for some, and the Age of Colonisation for most. European countries embarked on great expeditions to claim land for their own, even though most were already inhabited, thus came friction. How Europeans went about destabilising already established societies has left a lasting impact today, especially in the destruction of social structures and their relation to land.

SKP SwedenJonas Sjöstedt has announced that his party, the Left Party, will abstain from voting in the vote for prime minister. By abstaining, the party secures the government of Stefan Löfven and the Social Democrats.

The Social Democrats have, together with the Liberals, the Center Party and the Greens agreed to an aggressive programme that will mean harsh attacks against the working people of Sweden. The abstention of the Left Party was crucial in al lowing the programme to go through, as this meant that a majority of the parliament tolerates the government, taking no active stance against it.

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