16 | 06 | 2019

The electoral alliance Unitary Democratic Coalition backed by the Portuguese CP will to try to keep its three seats in the EU Parliament.

On January 17th, hundreds of people attended the public meeting organized at the Capitólio theatre in Lisbon by the electoral alliance Unitary Democratic Coalition (CDU), backed by the Portuguese Communist Party.

Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffiths issued the following statement today (January 15) after MPs voted by 432 to 202 against the Tory government's Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with the EU:

Today's Commons debate and vote indicate that many MPs have no intention of allowing any kind of Brexit, not even the bogus Brexit on offer from the Tory Cabinet and the EU.

Prime Minister May, Chancellor Hammond, many MPs and the EU Commission share one overriding objective, namely, to keep Britain tied to EU Single Market and Customs Union rules. These would greatly obstruct many of the left and progressive policies of a future left-led Labour government.

eu flag rotJoint Appeal for the 2019 elections to the European Parliament

The elections for the European Parliament find the workers and the peoples of the European Union (EU) member states facing enormous difficulties and deadlocks. Working people are confronted with job precariousness and social insecurity, inequalities, poverty and with the attack on wages, pensions and on their rights. The peoples and particularly the youth are experiencing unemployment, enforced economic migration, dwindling access to education, health and housing. A reality that is an expression of the EU's intensified exploitation and impoverishment policies.

A massive protests at the Ministries of Labor and Migration Policy, as well as at the Embassy of Bangladesh, was organized on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, immigrant land workers from the area of Nea Manoloda, in Southern Greece.

Dozens of migrants, most of whom lived in a camp that was burned last June, traveled by buses from the region to Athens, expressing their determination to fight against the miserable living and work conditions they face.

The Workers’ Party have offered their full support and solidarity to nurses and midwives, due to take strike action on 30th January, and said that the strike shows up twenty years of decimation of the public sector by successive right-wing governments.

Cllr. Éilis Ryan, Workers’ Party representative in Dublin and candidate in the 2019 European Elections said:
“In 100 years of trade union organisation, the nursing unions are going on strike for only the second time in their history. In a profession which is challenging, under-resourced and under-paid, this fact shows the scale of commitment which nurses and midwives have to their patients.


A new year is on the horizon and as we prepare to celebrate, the Connolly Youth Movement sends you, your friends and family members our warm wishes and regards. We hope that you have good health and prosperity in the New Year, that your undertakings are successful and hard work yields fruit but most importantly, we hope you bring fresh energy and vigour to the struggle against capitalism and its lackeys in the year of 2019.

Pink capitalism refers to the marketisation of LGBT+ culture and the exploitation of the LGBT+ demographic by capitalist businesses for the purpose of a profit rather than for the authentic motive of altruistic care for the LGBT+ community. In recent years we have seen an increase in businesses coming out as ‘Pro-LGBT+’. While this is a good thing and does serve to help normalise our community, is it out of a genuine commitment to progressive political goals and idealistic concern for the welfare of the LGBT+ community?

The Workers’ Party have called for proper enforcement of laws in place to ban organised stag hunting, following the a ‘mock’ hunt carried out by the Ward Union Hunt which took place in Ashbourne on St. Stephen’s Day.

Séamus McDonagh, Workers’ Party representative in Co. Meath and long-time animal rights activist, said:
“In 2010, an amendment to the Animal Welfare Bill was put in place specifically to tackle the Ward Union’s continued use of packs of dogs to hunt tame deer bred and released specifically to be hunted for sport. And yet significant evidence exists that the Hunt in Meath continues to use this very practice.

During an otherwise quiet Christmas news week, a bizarre story has cropped up on the screens and papers of Irish readers. Mary Robinson, former president and a much feted and glorified patron of Irish liberalism, has had a fateful run-in with another prestigious brand of quasi-royalty – one of the ruling families of the United Arab Emirates. Robinson is a steady fixture of the Irish talk-show and documentary circuit, showing up regularly to extol her virtues as a champion of women’s rights, blazing the way for others through her election to the highest office in the land. She finds herself in such liveried pages as “Labour’s Proud History”, documenting her success as a stalwart of the party. She is a former UN Human Rights Commissioner and has been recipient of more awards and distinctions on the “Human Rights” career path than could be listed on this page. By dint of these credentials, surely this latest entanglement must have been a case of her standing up for the rights of people living in a monarchical dictatorship where slave labour, union-busting and political disappearances are normal everyday occurrences?

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