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  • Gantz U-turns, Heads for Far-Right Government with Foe, Netanyahu

    After a dramatic U-turn, Blue & White party chairman, MK Benny Gantz was elected Knesset speaker Thursday evening, March 26, as part of an emerging unity deal, leading to the breakup of his centrist alliance to enter a far-right government with his longtime foe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Receiving the full support of the right-wing bloc, Gantz was elected to the speaker’s post with the backing of 74 MKs. Eighteen voted against, the Joint List (15 MKs) and Meretz (three lawmakers); and the rest, including Yesh Atid, a faction within Blue and White, did not participate.


  • Trade union coalition in Palestine warns of a social disaster for workers

    The trade union coalition in Palestine warned of the gravity of the situation that has afflicted our Palestinian workers in light of the current crisis since the beginning of this month.  Where the Palestinian workers have had very serious consequences and effects, as more than two hundred thousand workers inside the Israeli labor market were systematically disrupted and more than ten thousand Palestinian workers were prevented from going to work inside the illegal settlements, especially as the Israeli settlements became the headquarters of the corona disease except for the abandonment of the owners  Israelis work for thousands of unorganized workers, raising the unemployment rate in Palestine to more than 65% today.


  • Joint List to Lead 2 Committees in Knesset

    Joint List IsraelAfter right-wing members of the Knesset walked out of an overnight vote on the formation the crucial parliamentary Arrangements Committee, on Monday, March 24, center and left MKs pushed ahead with the creation of special oversight bodies, including one to monitor the handling of the COVID-19 crisis


  • High Court Unequivocally Orders a Vote Today for Knesset Speakership

    Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled unanimously on Monday night, March 23 that the speaker of the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, must hold a vote by today, Wednesday, March 25, to elect a successor. In a dramatic and historical ruling, the court accused Edelstein of undermining democracy with his refusal to convene the Knesset to select a new speaker. The unanimous decision by five justices was issued barely an hour after Edelstein had rebuffed the justices earlier non-binding stance that such a vote must be held.


  • Occupation under Pall of Corona: WB Violence, Disease Reaches Gaza

    In the two weeks between March 3 and 16, as the Palestinians were battling to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease in their vulnerable territory, Israel military forces killed one young Palestinian, injured 200 others, detained over than 100 people, demolished 16 homes and structures displacing 35 people, and bulldozed a vital road connecting remote Palestinian villages, according to a United Nations report.


  • A Million Israeli Workers Could be Unemployed by End of Pandemic

    The head of Israel’s Employment Service said on Friday, March 20, that the number of unemployed in Israel could reach one million if the corona virus pandemic causes layoffs to continue at the current pace. “If it continues at this rate, we will probably reach one million unemployed, a quarter of the workers in the economy,” Rami Grauer told the Ynet news site. “It appears that some 20% of those who are currently on unpaid leave will be unemployed at the end of the crisis.” Israel has seen a surge in unemployment applications in recent weeks as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on the national economy and global capitalism.


  • Demonstrators Take to Protesting Outside Homes of Prominent MKs

    In efforts to awake Members of the Knesset from their “corona lethargy” manifesting itself by a dearth of public political activity following the increasingly stringent measures against social gatherings, pro-democracy protesters demonstrated outside the homes of Blue & White leader MK Benny Gantz, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein,  Likud MK Gideon Sa’ar and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan on Friday afternoon, March 20. In the words of one of the protestors, these citizens gathered outside the MKs residences “to remind them that they are not dish rags.” Other protesters said they demonstrated outside Gantz’s home “to remind him that he has a spine and balls.”


  • Demonstrators Protest Knesset Closure, Nine Arrested by Police

    redglobeHundreds of vehicles carrying demonstrators protesting against the closure of the Knesset made their way to Jerusalem on Thursday, March 19, and ran into police efforts to block and break up the convoy. Most of protesters later demonstrated outside the parliament and scuffled with police, leading to nine arrests.


  • 22 NGOs Demand Immediate Support for the Needy

    Twenty-two Israeli social organizations have written to interim Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Finance, Economy, Labor and Social Affairs Ministers and the Minister of Social Equality in the transition government, demanding the implementation of an economic emergency plan in cooperation with civil society organizations. In the letter they write: “Acts of charity by individuals do not diminish the state’s obligation to care for its residents, especially those with low incomes and few opportunities. The state can and should work with civil society at the geographical and social levels, addressing the various types of populations finding themselves in increasing distress.”


  • MK Odeh: Netanyahu Exploiting Coronavirus to Shut Down Knesset

    Joint List IsraelJoint List leader, MK Ayman Odeh (Hadash) on Tuesday, March 17, accused far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of exploiting the coronavirus epidemic as an excuse to shut down the Knesset. “The pro-Netanyahu bloc wishes to shut down the Knesset, saying that this is necessary because we have a COVID-19 situation,” he said. Odeh further accused Interior Minister Arye Deri of wanting to entirely vacate and shutter the Knesset building.


  • Entire Joint List Recommends that Gantz Form Minority Government

    Joint List IsraelAll 15 MKs of the Joint List recommended to President Reuven Rivlin that Blue & White leader Benny Gantz form the next government, during consultations on Sunday, March 15, at the President’s Residence. After the September elections, 10 of the 13 Joint List MKs recommended Gantz but the three MKs from Balad didn’t recommend anyone. This time, Balad joined the other three parties of the Joint List in recommending Gantz.


  • Coronavirus Offers No Respite from Israeli Army Violence in West Bank

    redglobeDespite the global coronavirus crisis, Israeli military violence against Palestinians continues as usual in the occupied West Bank resulting in scores of killed and injured. Last Friday, March 13, Israeli occupation forces wounded at least two Palestinians, including a journalist, during the weekly protest against Israeli settlements in the village of Kafr Qaddum in the northern West Bank, the Palestinian news agency Wafa reported.

    Morad Shtewi, coordinator of the popular resistance in the village, told Wafathat Israeli soldiers attacked the protesters with rubber-coated bullets, wounding two, including Ja’far Shtayyeh, a photojournalist affiliated with the Agence France-Presse; 17 others also suffered from inhaling teargas fired by Israeli forces. The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate condemned the targeting of photojournalist Shtayyeh by Israeli soldiers, describing it as a product of an intentional campaign against Palestinian journalists by the Israeli government.


  • Opposition to Attempt Taking Control of Knesset Speakership

    Hopes of the Likud to form a “Zionist national emergency government” to perpetuate racist PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s hold on power appeared dampened on Friday, March 14, as the largest opposition party, Blue & White announced plans to replace the speaker of the Knesset from the Likud tomorrow (Monday, March 16).

    MK Benny Gantz’s Blue & White sent a letter to Knesset Speaker and former settler Yuli (Yoel) Edelstein (Likud) on Friday, requesting to hold a vote for a new speaker on Monday. Replacing Edelstein could enable Blue & White to push through legislation that would prevent Netanyahu from forming a government while under indictment.


  • Netanyahu, Gantz Discuss Possible Creation of Emergency Government

    The leaders of the Likud and Blue & White spoke by phone late Thursday, March 12, to discuss the possibility of setting up an emergency government, as they sought to put differences aside in order to effectively manage the coronavirus crisis sweeping the country and the globe, something that demands a functioning legislative body which Israel has been without for the past 15 months.

    Far-right premier Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday used a prime-time televised address from the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem to call on the centrist Blue & and White to form a unity government and temporarily put the country’s political deadlock out of the way until the end of the currently intensifying public health crisis.


  • Joint List Meets with Blue & White about Recommending Gantz for PM

    Joint List IsraelSenior lawmakers from the Blue & White met with their counterparts from the Joint List on Wednesday, March 11, to discuss the possibility that the latter will recommend MK Benny Gantz to receive the mandate to form a government during consultations with President Reuven Rivlin next week. Gantz, the head of Blue & White, needs the support of the Joint List to show he has enough backing to form a government.

    Joint List MK Ahmad Tibi (Ta’al), who along with fellow alliance members Aida Touma-Sliman (Hadash), Mansour Abbas (Ra’am) and Mtanes Shihadeh (Balad), met Blue & White MKs Ofer Shelah and Avi Nissenkorn, said that Joint List MKs had still not decided how their alliance would approach consultations with Rivlin, scheduled for Sunday, March 15


  • Odeh Lists Demands for Supporting Minority Government under Gantz

    Blue & White leader, MK Benny Gantz met on Monday, March 9, with Hadash MK Ayman Odeh, leader of the Joint List, to discuss the possibility the former’s putting together a minority coalition government, supported from outside by the alliance of Hadash, Ra’am, Ta’al and Balad.

    “We aim to form a government that will serve all citizens of the country, Jews and Arabs,” Gantz said after the meeting, adding that he is doing all he can to avoid a fourth round of elections. Odeh tweeted: “We are sticking to our goal of replacing Netanyahu’s legacy, and it starts by respecting the united voice of the Arab public and our Jewish partners.”


  • MK Touma-Sliman: No Support for Anyone Backing Trump Peace Deal

    Hadash MK Aida Touma-Sliman (Joint List) spoke on Radio 103FM on Sunday, March 8, and stressed that the entire parliamentary alliance to which she belongs will decide together on its political future. Her comments come amidst speculation that Blue & White leader MK Benny Gantz will seek support for the formation of a government from Joint List MKs.


  • MK Jabareen Asks AG to Probe Incitement by Netanyahu and Katz

    Foreign Minister Israel Katz (Likud) lashed out at members of the Joint List on Sunday, March 8, calling them “terrorists in suits.” “We heard [Blue & White leader MK] Benny Gantz talking about forming a minority government with the support of the members of the Joint List,” Katz said in an interview with Kan public broadcasting radio. “They are terrorists in suits or supporters of terrorists in suits.” On Saturday night, March 7, far-right acting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also said “[Blue & White leaders] Gantz, [Moshe] Bogie Yaalon, Gabi Askenazi, promised before the elections that they wouldn’t rely on the Joint List because they’re supporters of terror,” adding that now that’s exactly what they’re doing.


  • Int’l Women’s Day – 43 Palestinian Women Are Held in Israeli Prisons

    Marking International Women’s Day, the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) announced on Sunday, March 8, that there are currently 43 Palestinian women incarcerated in Israel for resisting the Israeli occupation of their land.

    The PPS said 27 of the women have been sentenced to various terms, the highest being 16 years for Shurouq Dwayat, from occupied East Jerusalem, and Shatilla Abu Ayyad, from inside Israel. From among the prisoners, 16 of the women are mothers, four are being held in administrative detention for varying periods without charge or trial and based on secret evidence, and eight were shot and wounded by soldiers before they were detained.


  • International Women’s Day Event by Hadash, Last Night in Tel Aviv

    Last night, Saturday March 7, on the eve of today’s International Women’s Day, Hadash held a public event in south Tel Aviv “spearheaded by the brave women who were workers’ struggle leaders in the past year and dare to stand up to injustice and against discrimination and who demand respect, recognition and equality for women.”


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