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  • Progressive Coalition Calls on DNC to Condemn Israeli Occupation in Democratic Party Platform

    Today, a coalition of 12 progressive organizations, including CODEPINK, If Not Now Movement, Demand Progress, and Win Without War, released ajoint statement in response to reports that the DNC platform would not include any reference to the decades-long Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian Territories. The joint statement follows aletter, signed by over 100 organizations, to the Biden and Trump campaigns calling for a just and principled foreign policy towards Israel and the Palestinian people.

  • 50 Arrested during Anti-Netanyahu Protest in Heart of West Jerusalem

    redglobeThousands of demonstrators gathered outside of the official residence of Israel’s prime minister’s on Balfour Street in Jerusalem on Bastille Day, Tuesday, July 14, to protest the continued premiership of Benjamin Netanyahu. What began as a small and peaceful protest turned into a mass demonstration, as more and more people spontaneously joined the gathering which continued well into the evening. Several protesters reportedly carried torches and red flags; others clashed with police officers and tried to break through police barricades.

  • Social Workers’ Strike Enters Its Second Week amidst Daily Protests

    redglobeThe nationwide strike of Israel’s social workers entered its second week on Monday, July 13, a day after Shaul Meridor, Director of Budgets within the Finance Ministry, announced that the social workers’ demands to improve their working conditions are “irrelevant.” Meridor is a scion of a privileged right-wing, revisionist family, politically prominent from before the founding of the state. On the very same day, Meridor complained that the government’s plan to extend entitlement for unemployment benefits for hundreds of thousands of jobless and furloughed workers creates “negative incentives” to return to work. Talk about class warfare.

  • Masses Protest in Tel Aviv against Gov’t’s Neoliberal Economic Policy

    redglobeMany thousands of demonstrators, estimates range between 10-30,000, descended on Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening, July 11, to noisily protest the Israeli far-right government’s ineffectual handling of the economic crisis caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, in particular the inadequate financial aid being offered to the unemployed, small business owners and independent professionals. (Mid- to large businesses and banks received governmental assistance almost from the very start of the pandemic.)

  • Apartheid Reigns in the Occupied Territories even before Annexation

    Yesh Din IsraelYesh Din, an Israeli human rights NGO has issued a legal opinion stating that regardless of whether the state’s far-right government moves forward with its plans to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank, it is already upholding a system of apartheid in the occupied Palestinian territories.

    In recent months, Yesh Din’s legal advisor, Atty. Michael Sfard, has examined the question: “According to the principles of international law, is the crime of apartheid being committed in the West Bank?” According the 58-page legal opinion published in June by Yesh Din, Atty. Sfard “arrived at a clear and painful conclusion: ‘The crime against humanity of apartheid is being committed in the West Bank. The perpetrators are Israelis and the victims are Palestinians.’”

  • Hadash MK Aida Touma-Sliman: “LGBT Rights are Human Rights”

    Joint List IsraelJoint List MK Aida Touma-Sliman (Hadash) this week telephoned  the owner of the Al Arz Tahini company and lauded her for the “brave decision to donate” to an LGBT rights organization.

    In recent days, Al Arz Tahini has faced both calls for a boycott against it and expressions of support from Arab-Palestinians citizens of Israel after making a donation to The Aguda – The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel. “LGBT rights are human rights,” Touma-Sliman told her interlocutor, just as she has said on numerous occasions in the past.

  • Thousands of Social Workers Begin Unlimited Strike, Protest in Center

    Thousands of social workers in Israel launched an open-ended strike on Monday, July 6, to protest poor wages, their constant exposure to the danger of violence, and the excessive workload they must bear due to the COVID-19 crisis. With the start of the strike, thousands of them and their supporters demonstrated at Habima Square in Central Tel Aviv, and blocked traffic on nearby Ibn Gavirol Street.

  • Latin American Leaders Reject any Israeli Annexation in West Bank

    redglobeMore than 320 public figures from Latin America, including former national presidents, signed a statement on Friday, July 3, calling for the imposition of sanctions on Israel in response to its plan to annex portions of the occupied Palestinian territory and for its apartheid practices.

    Among the most prominent signatories to the statement were former presidents Dilma Rousseff and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Brazil), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Ernesto Samper (Colombia), Rafael Correa and José Mujica (Ecuador), and Fernando Lugo (Paraguay). Other well-known signers of the statement included Brazilian singers Chico Buarque and Caetano Veloso, and Argentinean Nobel Peace Prizewinner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel.

  • Fatah and Hamas Agree to Join Ranks to Fight Annexation Plan

    PalestineFatah and Hamas agreed on Thursday, July 2, to join ranks in fighting the annexation plan of far-right Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. In a joint press conference, Fatah Central Committee member, Jibril Rajoub, who spoke in Ramallah, and Hamas deputy head, Saleh Arouri, who spoke via a video link from Beirut, said that both movements should unite their ranks in fighting the Israel-American schemes against the Palestinian cause. Joint List Chairman MK Ayman Odeh (Hadash) also participated in the rare, common Fatah-Hamas conference.

  • Joint List to EU: Suspend Ties with Israel if It Won’t Desert Annexation

    Joint List IsraelThe Joint List called upon the European Union on Tuesday, June 30, to suspend its ties with Israel unless Netanyahu’s far-right government announces that it has abandoned its plans to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank as envisioned by the Trump plan.

    In letters to senior EU officials, including foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the 15 Joint List MKs wrote that “the traditional approach based on providing incentives to Israel has thus far failed to achieve our shared legitimate positions.” According to Hadash MK Youssef Jabareen, “We requested that top EU officials act to prevent annexation including re-evaluating the EU-Israel partnership agreement, recognizing a Palestinian state according to the ’67 borders and labeling goods from the occupied Palestinian territories. Palestinians deserve independence and freedom.”

  • Stop Israel’s annexation plan!

    The Communist Party USA denounces the plans announced by the government of Israel to annex up to 30 percent of the land the Palestinian people hope to include in a future Palestinian state—an annexation which Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his coalition allies had threatened to carry out as early as July 1 but is expected in the coming days. This annexation would not be possible without the full backing of the Trump administration, and without the extremely weak response of the Democratic Party opposition in the U.S. Congress.

  • China Rejects Israel’s Annexation of Parts of the Occupied West Bank

    ChinaChina rejects the endeavors of Israel’s far-right government to annex large swaths of the occupied territories designated to be part of the future Palestinian state, a Chinese diplomat told the Palestine News & Information Agency (WAFA) in an interview. The Chinese ambassador to Palestine, Guo Wei, stated that his country rejects Israel’s annexation of occupied West Bank lands and of any other unilateral measures that undermine peace and stability.

  • Joint List Urges Major British Parties to Oppose Annexation

    Joint List IsraelThe Joint List called on Britain’s biggest political parties to vigorously oppose Israel’s plans to annex parts of the Palestinian occupied West Bank. The two letters, dated June 26 were penned by Hadash MK Yousef Jabareen, the head of the Joint List’s international relations committee, and were sent to the UK Conservative party leader, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the Labour party’s leader, Sir Keir Starmer. In the letters, the Joint List parliamentarians said the UK needed to “actively oppose” attempts by Israel to unilaterally annex territory.

  • Joint List MKs to Democrats in the US Congress: Stop the Annexation

    Joint List IsraelAll 15 Knesset members from the Joint List sent a letter on Thursday, June 25, to members of the Democratic Party in the US Congress urging them to take a firm stand against Israel’s plans to annex portions of the Palestinian occupied West Bank.

  • More Protests against Annexation of Occupied Palestinian Territories

    Dozens of leftist activists blocked Herzl Street in Tel Aviv last Sunday, June 14, to protest Israel’s “colonialist policies and plans to formally annex” occupied Palestinian territories. The protesters barricaded the central downtown road with concrete barriers and fences, on which they raised banners in Hebrew, Arabic and English reading: “No to annexation, No to apartheid” and “Israel is not a democracy… Apartheid.”

  • Polls: Only 1/3 of Israelis Support Netanyanu-Trump Annexation Plan

    redglobePolls conducted in recent days have found that only a third of the citizens of Israel support the government’s plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

    In the results of a poll carried out by Channel 12 News and televised last Monday, June 8, 46% of respondents were against annexation, as opposed to 34% who were in favor. When these results were analyzed along political identification of the respondents, 41% of those who defined themselves as right wing were in favor of annexation, while 39% of this group opposed the plan. Conversely, on the left, 56% were opposed and just 24%  favored annexation.

  • The Palestinian People’s Struggle Stands to Get Increased Impetus

    As Israel’s far-right government undertakes the annexation process of West Bank settlements and interconnecting roads as well the Jordan Valley, the Turkish Communist website SoL News interviewed representatives of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) and Palestinian People’s Party (PPP), regarding Israel’s intentions, and the struggles of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples against them.

    SoL: We can say that in Turkey, the Palestinian people, along with the Cubans, have historically been one of two nations that have received the support and sympathy of the immense majority of the population. Thus, a friendly sentiment towards the Palestinian cause prevails in Turkey, but it sometimes results in apathy to the daily developments in the region. However, today, we face a dire, hardly-reversible danger. Can you explain what is at stake? What is Israel’s intention, and what is the legal framework it requires?

    Israel’s continuous occupation regime intends to commit more violations of international law as it intends to annex the Palestinian Territories occupied in 1967. Israel continues to choose war instead of peace, and occupation over employment, education and welfare. It is not only committing a crime against the Palestinians but also against its own citizens.

  • May: Israel Commits 27 Violations against Palestinian Media Workers

    The Palestine News and Information Agency (WAFA) reported on Sunday, June 7, that during the month of May it documented 27 violations committed by Israeli occupation forces against journalists and media institutions working in the occupied Palestinian territories. WAFA indicated that these violations by Israel against journalists included the firing of live ammunition, rubber-coated bullets and teargas canisters, in addition to physical beatings and arrests.

  • Thousands Gather in Rabin Square against Annexation and Occupation

    Several thousand demonstrators gathered on Saturday evening, June 6, in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to protest far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to annex large parts of the occupied Palestinian West Bank, possibly as early as July 1. The crowd of Jews and Arabs denounced Netanyahu’s annexation saying the move was beneficial to neither Israelis nor Palestinians.

  • 12 Demonstrators Arrested during TA Protest against “Corona Bill”

    Hundreds protested in Tel Aviv on Thursday evening, June 4, against a bill that would introduce sweeping emergency regulations purportedly aimed at tackling the coronavirus pandemic. The protesters railed against far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of using the pandemic to advance legislation for his own political interests. The protesters also called on the public to participate in the mass rally against the occupation and annexation that stood to take place in Rabin Square, last night (Saturday, June 6).