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  • Solidarity Visit to Turkey by Israeli “Academia for Equality” Activists

    Four members of the Israeli left-wing organization of university and college lecturers, “Academia for Equality,” traveled to Istanbul in January to bear witness to and protest political trials being conducted against about 150 Turkish academics. The latter are facing terrorism-related charges for signing a petition opposing their government’s assaults against its Kurdish citizens, including the mass displacement of hundreds of thousands of people and reports of massacres.


  • Communist MK Attacked by Media for Bashing Israel’s Policy in Syria

    Israel’s air force has carried out more than 100 bombing incursions deep inside Syrian territory over the past few years, with little acknowledgement from the Israeli media and without suffering any military or diplomatic repercussions. Early Saturday morning, February 10, this changed.

    Iranian forces in Syria launched a drone that penetrated Israeli air space. An Israeli combat helicopter succeeded in downing the drone, after which Israel retaliated with an air sortie into Syria. One of the Israeli jets that took part in this attack was shot down on its way back to base by a Syrian anti-aircraft missile. Most Israelis were shocked by what happened, but they shouldn’t have been. This escalation has been building up for a long time.


  • CPI/Hadash Call for Netanyahu to Immediately Resign Premiership

    The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) and Hadash (the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) have called for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to immediately resign from his office following police recommendations to the state’s prosecution to indict him in connection with two corruption investigations.

    An earthquake rocked the Israeli political establishment when the police endorsed charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust against Netanyahu on Tuesday, February 13.


  • PM Claims Talks about Settlement Annexation with US Gov’t

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, February 12, that he has been conducting talks with the White House on a “historic” initiative to annex Israeli settlement areas in occupied Palestinian West Bank. On Sunday, Netanyahu asked coalition party leaders to put off the vote on the “sovereignty bill.” The proposal by the chairmen of the influential, right-wing Knesset Land of Israel Caucus, Yoav Kisch (Likud) and Bezalel Smotrich (HaBayit HaYehudi) was based on a Likud central committee decision calling to apply Israeli law to settlements, and both groups have been calling for the policy to be enacted.


  • With Red Flags & Anti-Occupation Signs, Two Conscientious Objectors Refuse Induction into the Military

    One hundred supporters joined two conscientious objectors as they headed to the induction base of the Israeli military in the center of the country on Sunday, February 11, to declare their refusal to be inducted into the army. Saar Yahalom, 18, from the moshav Be’erotayim, and Matan Helman, 20, from Kibbutz HaOgen, say that they will not enlist due to their opposition to the occupation.

    Among the demonstrators were dozens of young Jews and Arab communists, members of Hadash and the Communist Party of Israel, veteran refusers and MK Aida Touma-Sliman (Hadash – Joint List).

    For Yahalom, a leading member of the Young Communist League in Tel Aviv, this is his first declaration of intent to refuse to serve in the army; he is expected to serve an extended sentence. Helman, on the other hand, has already served 50 days behind bars during three separate periods of detention. He is expected to be jailed again.


  • Thousands March in Jerusalem against Mass Deportation Plans

    Thousands of people marched through the streets of Jerusalem on Saturday night, February 10, calling on the far-right government to halt plans to deport nearly 40,000 African refugees and asylum-seekers. The protesters, both Israelis and refugees, held aloft signs reading: “No to forced deportations”; “Standing alongside south Tel Aviv”; “We are willing to accept refugees”; and “Love your brother as you love yourself."

    Others carried pictures of migrants who were deported from Israel and later reportedly died while trying to reach Europe. A counter-protest of about fifty far-right activists who support the current government plan to deport asylum-seekers from Israel to an African country also took place.


  • Communist MK: PM Escalating Conflict with Syria to Distract Public from Corruption Charges

    An Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashed early Saturday morning, February 10, in northern Israel after coming under “massive anti-aircraft fire” from Syrian forces, according to the Israeli army.

    The incident came after an Israeli combat helicopter successfully intercepted an Iranian drone that had been launched from Syria, an Israeli military spokesperson said.


  • Russian MFA on Israeli air strikes in Syria

    According to incoming information, Israeli aircraft delivered several missile strikes at targets in Syria, including those at the border of the southwestern de-escalation zone, in the night and morning of February 10. Syrian losses and material damage are being specified. Reports say one Israeli military aircraft was shot down in the area of the Golan Heights.


  • SANA: Syrian Army air defense confronts new Israeli aggression, hits more than one aircraft

    SANADamascus, SANA-The army air defense confronted a new Israeli aggression on one of the military positions in the central area and hit more than one aircraft.

    A military source told SANA that the Israeli enemy on Saturday dawn launched a new aggression against one of the military bases in the central area, and the army air defense confronted the aggression and hit more than one aircraft.


  • January 2018 — Israeli Soldiers Kill 5 Palestinians without Justification

    Investigations conducted by B’Tselem ‒ The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories ‒ have found that, in the month of January, six Palestinians were shot in the upper body during clashes and demonstrations that involved stone throwing, even though they were not endangering the lives of Israeli soldiers or anyone else.


  • Protests in Israel & Globally against Deportation of African Refugees

    Thousands demonstrated outside the Rwandan embassy in Herzliya on Wednesday, February 7, against the government’s plan to deport African refugees and asylum seekers from Israel.

    The protesters, mostly asylum seekers along with a couple of hundred Israelis, among them Hadash and Communist Party of Israel activists, brandished signs stressing that recognizing the right of asylum is a moral duty.


  • Police Recommendations in PM Corruption Cases to Be Presented

    The top echelons of the Israel Police are reportedly set to finalize their recommendations on whether criminal charges should be lodged against far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the wake of two corruption probes.

    Police chiefs, including Commissioner Roni Alsheich, and the heads of the national police force’s Investigations Department will present their recommendations on “Case 1000” and “Case 2000” next week, Israeli TV news reported Tuesday, citing a police source.


  • Police Recommendations for PM Corruption Cases to Be Presented

    The top echelons of the Israel Police are reportedly set to finalize their recommendations on whether criminal charges should be lodged against far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the wake of two corruption probes.

    Police chiefs, including Commissioner Roni Alsheich, and the heads of the national police force’s Investigations Department will present their recommendations on “Case 1000” and “Case 2000” next week, Israeli TV news reported Tuesday, citing a police source.


  • Thousands of Negev Arab-Bedouin to Be Uprooted for a New Mine

    More than ten thousand Arab-Bedouin citizens of Israel living on and near land slated to become a phosphate mine in the Negev are to be evicted from their homes, with most of them being crammed into a new town to be developed nearby, the senior government policymaker for Arab-Bedouin affairs has told The Jerusalem Post.


  • Israel Demolishes Two Classrooms in West Bank Bedouin School

    The United Nations has issued a warning that Palestinians in Area C are at risk of being transferred forcibly by Israel after its forces demolished two elementary school classrooms in the occupied West Bank Arab-Bedouin community of Abu an-Nuwar outside Jerusalem. The two modular classrooms were built last September with funds from the European Union.


  • Occupation & Profits: UN Report on 206 Companies in Settlements

    The United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) released a preliminary report on Wednesday, January 31, identifying 206 companies around the world doing business in the Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, settlements located there in violation of international law.

    The long-delayed report was initially supposed to include the names of the companies involved but, reportedly after intense pressure from the US and Israel, it only gives the number of companies from each of 21 countries, without specifying the companies by name.


  • “Democratic Israel Bill” Response to “Jewish Nation-State” Proposal

    A bill, “Basic Law: Israel – A democratic, multicultural and egalitarian state,” was proposed last week by Joint List MK Yousef Jabareen (Hadash) to serve as a response to the discriminatory Jewish nation-state bill. “Instead of dark ideas promoting a hierarchy in the status of citizens and ethnic superiority for Jews, I propose enlightened ideas of equal citizenship and significant multiculturalism for all citizens,” Jabareen said.

    The far-right “Jewish nation-state bill”, which is strongly backed by the coalition and the government, would, if passed, be a Basic Law, with constitutional weight, that declares that Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people. This latter proposal, which has passed a preliminary reading in the Knesset and which is being worked on in a legislative committee, includes many declarative elements about the Jewish homeland and reinforces many already existing laws as a Basic [Constitutional] Law, about the state flag, its national anthem and national symbol, the right of any Jew to immigrate to Israel, and other ethnically discriminatory issues.


  • Hadash MK Atawne to Resign as Part of Joint List Rotation Deal

    Hadash MK Youssef Atawne of the Joint List plans to resign next week, in the framework of the Joint List rotation agreement, he said on Thursday, February 1, in a news conference held at the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) headquarters in Nazareth. Also participating in the press conference, with MK Atawne were CPI Secretary General Adel Amer, Hadash Secretary Mansour Dahamshe and former Nazareth mayor Ramez Jerayssi.


  • Police Investigating Possible Arson at Tel Aviv HQ of Hadash/CPI

    Police are investigating whether a fire that broke out on Wednesday evening, January 31, at the Tel Aviv headquarters of Hadash and the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) was the result of arson.

    A group of youth activists of the Young Communist League (Banki-Shabiba) had been working inside the building when they noticed the flames on the second floor of the three story building on Ahad Ha’am Street in Central Tel Aviv. They were able to evacuate the premises without any injuries, a party spokesperson said.


  • Knesset Advances Bill Requiring Israeli Flag at Public Events

    A bill that would make it mandatory to display the Israeli flag at public events passed a first reading in the Knesset plenum early Tuesday, January 30, drawing the ire of opposition members who decried it as an “attempt to educate the Arab community.”

    Twenty-five lawmakers supported the bill and 11 opposed it.The proposed legislation still has to be discussed by the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee and then pass two more plenum votes to become law.


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