• Nabi Saleh: Hundreds Demonstrate to Demand Freedom for Tamimis

    171220free ahed tamimiHundreds of Palestinians and Israelis marched in the occupied West Bank village on Nabi Saleh on Saturday, January 14, to demand that Israel free the Tamimi family women, 16-year-old Ahed and her mother Nariman, as well as other members of the popular resistance committees who have been arrested by Israeli soldiers over the past several weeks.


  • Activists to Israeli Pilots: Don’t Fly African Refugees to Their Deaths!

    Distressed by the far-right government’s decision to begin the massive deportations of Africans in March, MKs Dov Khenin (Hadash – Joint List), Michal Rozin (Meretz), and Eyal Ben-Reuven (Labor) announced a special emergency conference on refugees and asylum-seekers in the Knesset for next Wednesday, January 17.

    The conference will include civil-society organizations, academics, lawyers and experts in the field, along with asylum-seekers and refugees who will present their stories.


  • KKE questions prosecution of Tamimi at EP

    kke greeceCommunist Party of Greece (KKE) at the European Parliament (EP) denounced the provocative prosecution of 16 year-old Tamimi by Israeli authorities.

    ICP, 12 January, 2017

    The delegation of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) at the European Parliament denounced the provocative prosecution of the 16 year-old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi by the Israeli authorities and submitted a question to the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.


  • Beer Sheva Seeks to Evict Negev Coexistence Forum from Its Center

    The city of Beer Sheva is attempting to evict the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality from its municipality-provided community center, “Multaka-Mifgash” (Encounter) following a concerted effort by far-right extremists. This is the only place where Jews and Arabs can meet in the southern city to work together to promote equality and understanding.


  • Open Letter to World Academic Community from Birzeit University

    We at Birzeit University call on the international academic community to protest the Israeli government’s deliberate harassment of international students and academics who travel to Palestine in order to study or work in Palestinian academic institutions.

    Birzeit students and lecturers demonstrate against the Israeli occupation (Photo: Brizeit University)

    The past few years have seen many international students and academics stopped, interrogated, and/or deported by Israeli security as they tried to enter Palestine through the entry points controlled by Israel.


  • Call of WFTU Working Youth Committee for solidarity with Ahed Tamimi and all the Palestinian political prisoners

    The Working Youth Committee of the WFTU strongly condemns the state of Israel for arresting and imprisoning of Ahed Tamimi, a 16-year-old Palestinian girl, because she resists against the Israeli occupation of her homeland. The Working Youth Committee will never accept the silencing of the struggling young people.

    We demand the immediate release of Ahed Tamimi and all the Palestinian political prisoners without terms or conditions.


  • Free Ahed Tamimi!

    Free Ahed TamimiAhed Tamimi, 16 years old and a prominent activist in the occupied Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh, whose courage along with that of her family in standing up to armed Israeli soldiers, land confiscation and settlement construction stealing the resources and even the well of their village has become world-renowned, was seized by occupation soldiers who invaded the Tamimi family home on the morning of 19 December 2017.

    Ahed’s father, Bassem, posted on Facebook that Ahed was targeted for arrest after she was attacked by Israeli media after she protested occupation soldiers in Nabi Saleh who shot a 14-year-old boy in the head with a rubber-coated metal bullet; the boy, Mohammed Tamimi, is in a medically-induced coma. Tamimi reported that the soldiers violently invaded the home, hitting Ahed’s mother, Nariman Tamimi, and siblings, and confiscating phones, cameras, laptop and other electronics. Ahed was taken away by the occupation soldiers to an unknown location.


  • Communist Party denounces Trump move on Jerusalem

    On Wednesday December 6, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that his government recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and that therefore the U.S. embassy, now located in Tel Aviv, will be moving there.  Trump, with typical bombast, announced that the construction of a new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem would be “a magnificent monument to peace”.

    Most of the rest of the world sees the move, rather, as being a harbinger of more conflict and war.


  • A Joint Call by the PPP and the CPI

    Communist Party of IsraelCommunist Party of IsraelPalestinian People's PartyPalestinian People's PartyThe Palestinian People’s Party and the Communist Party of Israel severely condemn the US president’s, Donald Trump, decision from Dec 6th 2017 concerning Jerusalem, which constitutes a blatant assault on the Palestinian people’s rights, and a clear strike to the requirements of a just peace according to the UN resolutions adapted by most countries and the vast majority of the peoples worldwide.

    The US policy supporting Israeli Occupation of the OPTs since 1967, will only lead to an actuation of the chaos and instability in the region and world. It rather assures the fact that the United States is part of the problem, not the solution. There is no other solution than ending the occupation and the fulfillment of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination and, the establishment of the independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital and the solving of the Refugees issue according to UN resolution 194.


  • Common Appeal of Communist and Workers’ Parties in solidarity with the Palestinian people

    comunistaThe Communist and Workers’ parties that sign this common appeal:

    1, Strongly condemn the unacceptable position of the President of the USA, D. Trump, through which the USA recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    2. This decision strongly undermines the just struggle of the Palestinian people against Israeli occupation, for the creation and recognition of a Palestine State at the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital. Moreover, this decision, which constitutes a dangerous provocation against the peoples of the Middle East, is moving towards the direction of a more general conflagration in the region in order to satisfy the US imperialist plans.


  • WFDY in relation with the decision of the USA and the status of Jerusalem

    WFDYThe World Federation of Democratic Youth denounces and condemns the decision of the United States of America to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It is in fact a decision that violates resolutions and decisions of the United Nations. The status of Jerusalem is a critical and important issue for achieving a peaceful solution of the Palestinian issue. Additionally, we note that a decision preceded by the international community, where it declares East Jerusalem as the capital city of an independent and free Palestine.


  • WFTU: No to the USA President’s decision

    wftuThe World Federation of Trade Unions condemns the decision of USA President to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This act reveals that imperialism is ruthless, barbaric, aggressive.

    Our duty is to support the heroic Palestinian people against this aggressiveness, to support this people who gives a long-term struggle against occupation army, against the policies of the Israeli governments, against the policies that are calling on them to compromise with the Israeli occupation.


  • Statement of the World Peace Council

    friedenstaubeThe World Peace Council (WPC) condemns strongly the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    The US decision is a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions on the status of the city as part of occupied Palestinian territories. The decision is a proof of the bias of the leader of world imperialists and of his open support to the Israeli occupation and of its continuation.


  • KKE: The USA “adds fuel to the fire” to “burn” the Palestinian State with its capital in East Jerusalem

    kke greeceIn its statement, the Press Bureau of the CC of KKE notes: “The USA “adds fuel to the fire” to “burn” the Palestinian State with its capital in East Jerusalem

    The decision of the USA to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital shows the cynicism with which American imperialism actively participates in the crime that is being committed against the people of Palestine by Israel and its allies, primarily the USA, as well as the EU. The later, not only deepens constantly its relations with Israel, but also equates the perpetrator with the victim, proclaiming as "terrorism" the just struggle of the people of Palestine.


  • PFLP statement on German federal (Bundestag) elections

    PFLPThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued the following statement on the recent media reports related to the German national (Bundestag) Elections:

    The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has witnessed a media and political campaign by racist far-right forces in Germany in collaboration with racist Zionist groups and political parties in Israel attacking the Palestinian and Arab community in Germany and attempting to spread fear in the community, as well as attacking German progressive forces, particularly the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany, under the auspices of a complete deception and a big lie, most recently adopted by the far-right, fascist “Alternative fur Deutschland” (AFD) party.


  • Prison Service Rejects Request by Hadash MK to Visit Ahed Tamimi

    The Israel Prison service has rejected a request by Hadash MK Youssef Jabareen (Joint List) to visit the detained teenage Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi.

    “It is my right as a member of the Knesset to visit Tamimi and examine the conditions of her imprisonment and her treatment,” said Jabareen, who was given no reason for the denial.


  • PCP condems the repression and persecutions in Israel and the expansion of settlements in Palestine

    The Portuguese Communist Party condemns the continued xenhophobic and segregationist action of the Israeli government against the Palestinian citizens of Israel and especially the violent actions against the Umm Al-Hiran population – a village in the Al Naqab desert – and conveys the solidarity of the Portuguese Communists to the struggle they are waging in defence of their rights.


  • Israel adopts retaliatory measures after the recent UN Resolution

    With a resolution voted on 23rd December, the Security Council of the United Nations reaffirmed that Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank are illegal and constitute a flagrant violation of the International Law, and demanded the immediate end to the expansion of the settlements.


  • Speech by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations General Assembly

    Mahmoud Abbas. Foto: UN Photo/Cia PakMahmoud Abbas. Foto: UN Photo/Cia PakIn the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful
    H.E. Mr. Mogens Lykketoft, President of the General Assembly,
    H.E Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations,
    Excellencies, Heads of Delegations
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I come before you today from Palestine, compelled to sound the alarm about the grave dangers of what is happening in Jerusalem, where extremist Israeli groups are committing repeated, systematic incursions upon Al-Aqsa Mosque, aimed at imposing a new reality and dividing A1-Haram A1-Sharif temporally, allowing extremists, under the protection of Israeli occupying forces and accompanying ministers and Knesset members, to enter the Mosque at certain times, while preventing Muslim worshipers from accessing and entering the Mosque at those times and freely exercising their religious rights.


  • The fascist attack on Dawabsheh Family: A byproduct of the occupation and the racist incitement by Israeli government

    Communist Party of IsraelCommunist Party of IsraelA delegation of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) and the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (HADASH) visited the occupied village of Douma near Nablus, where the whole Dawabsheh family was burned alive (two of whom already died – 18-month-old Ali Saad and his father Saad) by Jewish fascist terrorists.

    Together with the people of the village and the surroundings, as well as representatives of the Palestinian leadership, CPI and HADASH participated in an impressive mass rally of Palestinians and Jews who walked together and chanted against the occupation and the racist assaults that Jewish settlers and the occupation forces have been carrying out on a daily basis against the Palestinian people.


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