Sunday, 30. April 2017

Latin America and Caribbean

BrazilBRAZIL came to a virtual standstill yesterday as trade unionists halted public transport and closed down much of the economy in protest at coup-installed President Michel Temer’s anti-working class policies. Demonstrators blocked roads and scuffled with police in many cities, showing their anger over the Temer government’s attacks on workplace rights and pensions.

The president, whose disapproval ratings have soared to 87 per cent, insists that “flexibility” will revive a moribund economy and claims that the pension system will go bankrupt without changes.

Republic of CubaWe reproduce the declaration issued by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the latest developments in the Organization of American States (OAS):

We have once again witnessed another infamous and immoral decision by the discredited OAS, against the Bolivarian Revolution; a repetition of the shameful pages written against the Cuban Revolution in the 1960s.

The calling of a Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, to continue harassing the Venezuelan government, constitutes another action consistent with the OAS’ traditional role as an instrument of imperialist domination in the hemisphere; in order to undermine the sovereignty, independence and dignity of Our America.

FARC-EPThe Central High Command of the FARC-EP communicates to the public that on April 16, 2017 in the village of La Guayacana, Llorente, in the municipality of Tumaco, Nariño, our comrade Luis Alberto Ortiz Cabezas, Pepe, has been murdered.

Our comrade, who had benefited from the Amnesty and Pardon Act as established in the Final Agreement and who had been released days before he was murdered while visiting relatives. Pepe leaves a 6 months old baby girl.

ALBA-TCPWe, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance of Latin America - People's Trade Treaty, at the 15th meeting of its Political Council in Havana, have been informed of the results of the second round in the presidential elections held in the sister Republic of Ecuador on 2 April 2017, and have decided:

To recognize and congratulate on their victory the Movimiento Alianza País candidates comrades Lenin Moreno Garcés and Jorge Glas Espinel who represent the inception of a new stage in the Citizens' Revolution in Ecuador and the continuing commitment of this sister nation to regional unity and development, and to defending the sovereignty of Latin America.

ALBA-TCPWe the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance of Latin America – People’s Trade Treaty, at the 15th meeting of its Political Council in Havana:

Denounce and condemn the readiness of a group of US members of Congress known for their reactionary, disrespectful and interfering positions, to reintroduce in that country’s Congress the draft for what is known as NICA-ACT.

ALBA-TCPWe, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance of Latin America - People's Trade Treaty, at the 15th meeting of its Political Council in Havana:

Reject the aggression and manipulation inflicted on the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as well as the deceit and lies that threaten its sovereignty, independence and stability, and those of the entire region.

Condemn the interventionist, illegal and pro-imperialist conduct of the Secretary-General of the OAS and his attempts to obstruct the sovereign right of the Venezuelan sister nation for participative democracy enshrined in its Bolivarian constitution, fully consistent with the United Nations Charter and the proclamation of Latin America & the Caribbean as a Peace Zone.

Screenshot: VTV/YoutubeScreenshot: VTV/YoutubeDetails of a coup plot that includes street violence and attacks on military units, in order to create a scenario conducive to foreign military intervention, were unveiled here by Bolivarian leader Diosdado Cabello.

The first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), made public on the TV channel Venezolana de Televisión, recordings of conversations between leaders of the opposition right-wing, revealing the violent magnitude of the plans, to be executed in the short term. In the recorded conversations - broadcast last night in the program Con el mazo dando - the right-wing politicians Roberto Enríquez and Oswaldo Álvarez Paz, members of the Independent Electoral Political Organization Committee (COPEI) party, are heard talking about the issue.

Communist Party of GreeceThe Press Office of the CC of the KKE mentioned the following in its statement on the threat of the National Electoral Council to ban the CP of Venezuela:

The KKE denounces in the most categorical way the threat of the country's National Electoral Council to ban the CP of Venezuela and stands decisively at the side of the communists and will intensify the efforts to express internationalist solidarity in a mass way.

VenezuelaVenezuela's National Defense Council has requested that the country's top court reconsider a decision made earlier this week, the country's presidential office tweeted Saturday morning.

President Nicolas Maduro had promised to addressed the impasse between the country's major institutions, calling a meeting this evening to resolve the differences between the Supreme Court and the attorney general.

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