14 | 12 | 2019

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay officially requested Friday that the Organization of American States (OAS) prioritize an investigation of the political, social and economic crisis that Haiti is undergoing.

In a letter, posted on Twitter, the Uruguay government stressed the "need to know the all the facts in order to offer the brother country cooperation in its search for a solution with the participation of all involved actors, before things aggravate”.

Can we talk about a new crisis in Haiti? Since February 7, the Caribbean country has been experiencing a wave of protests due to a sharp deterioration in living conditions as Haitians survive on average on less than $2 a day. Already in June, after several weeks of popular revolts in Port-au-Prince and under pressure from MPs, Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant was forced to leave office. President Jovenel Moses, since protesters continue to demand his resignation, had to postpone the abolition of fuel subsidies, as requested by the IMF. Since then, the situation has continued to deteriorate due to a sharp devaluation of the gourde, the national currency, against the dollar, to a soaring inflation rate, as well as to a serious crisis following the shortage of diesel fuel.

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