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pcvThe XIVth National Conference of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) expressed its support for the candidacy of Nicolas Maduro in the presidential elections of April 22.

 The XIVth National Conference of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) convened its closing session in Caracas on February 26.With the participation of President Nicolas Maduro, it is declared that a unitary programmatic agreement is signed between the PCV and United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and that the PCV will give support for Maduro's reelection in the presidential elections of April 22.

Prensa LatinaThe controversial Lima Group, made up of governments opposed to the Venezuelan administration, will launch here a new attack on the election in that country, in line with the stance of the opposition and the United States.

A report from the local Foreign Ministry says that the group will make again a new incursion into Venezuela's domestic policy and a will issue a new statement against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

jcvThe National Executive Commission of the Central Council of the Communist Youth of Venezuela (JCV) informs the public that on December 27th, in the afternoon, our comrade Ali Jimenez – member of the National Direction of the JCV and well respected Communist militant – was granted his freedom.

Jimenez had been arrested the past December 21st by the security forces in the Las Palmas Sector in the city of San Juan de los Morros in Guarico State together with eight other citizens from the community, who were exercising their right to protest against inefficiency of the mechanisms of food distribution.

Photo: Correo del OrinocoPhoto: Correo del OrinocoOfficial results from Venezuela's regional elections show the governing socialist party, Psuv, has won 17 out of 22 governorships - with one still left to count. Turnout was 61.14 percent in Sunday's polls. Ballots were cast at 13,559 polling stations nationwide.

The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said it was the highest turnout in 15 years - more than 10 million people voted. Maduro also said the PSUV won 54 percent of the total vote. Earlier Maduro said the elections had been conducted in a peaceful, exemplary way, »There has not been a single incident, electoral process in peace, perfect.«

VenezuelaVenezuelan official Jorge Rodríguez announced that representatives of the country’s government should reach an agreement on coexistence with opposition groups after regional elections are held on October 15. »After the elections we are going to sit down to finish the coexistence agreement in which sectors of the Venezuelan right-wing and Revolutionary forces have already made notable progress«, stated the Mayor of Libertador municipality.

170916venezuelaWe, citizens of the world, workers, members of social movements, civil rights organizations and political parties, academics, intellectuals and creators, denounce before humanity the international conspiracy led by the Government of Donald Trump against the people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its Government and its legitimate authorities.

WFDYThe World Federation of Democratic Youths condemns the threat declarations of military aggression against Venezuela, realized in the recent days by the president of the USA Donald Trump. Likewise it rejects the measures taken against Venezuela by several Latin-American governments where they are found in total attachment to the imperialistic North American strategy that aims to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution.

MinrexThis Sunday, July 30, 2017, during elections for the National Constituent Assembly in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Venezuelan people demonstrated to the world that they are in full possession of their sovereign rights, and are firmly on the side of peace, in defense of citizen security, of independence and self-determination in their homeland, as they have been throughout the history of Latin America and the Caribbean, since Bolívar.

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