• WFTU greets the May Day 2020 celebration

    The World Federation of Trade Unions, on behalf of its 100 million members on the 5 Continents, greets the world working class, who honored the May Day 2020 with important events, hoisting the flag of commemoration and militancy.

       Despite the difficult circumstances due to COVID-19 Pandemic, despite the lockdowns and restrictions, the workers in Central and Latin America, in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and all over the world, organized symbolic events by taking all necessary protection measures; they highlighted the message of the International Workers Day, the one of resistance and of class struggle in defense of the working rights and for the covering of the contemporary needs of workers and the Peoples.

  • Workers’ May Day 2020 in Greece

    Workers’ May Day was honored in Greece with hundreds of mass multi-faceted events, under pandemic conditions while maintaining protection measures (proper distancing, masks, etc. ) and in spite of the ND government decision to move May Day to mid-May.

    The class unions organized strike events in all of the major cities of Greece and in the center of Athens as well as in many of its districts. On the eve of May Day, trade union leaders and KKE officials visited workplaces and spoke to the workers.

  • Statement of Syrian General Federation of Trade Unions on May 1st. 2020

    Dear workers ..

    We are honored, first of all, to address every worker and worker in our redeemed country with the most sincere greetings on our International Labor Day, which is devoted to a world day and Labor Day celebrated annually, as we recall with respect and appreciation the martyrs of the first labor uprising known to mankind in Chicago and all the martyrs who fell later In the fields of the struggle against brutal imperialism, capitalist exploitation, human slavery and terrorism, and for a world of peace, and equality, workers have rights and freedoms, achievements and dignity are preserved.

  • May Day 2020: Time for a New World

    For the first time in one hundred and thirty five years the workers of the world will not be on the streets on May Day. Many have likened the present coronavirus crisis to a war even comparing it to the two world wars. But this is not a fight between humans, a fight for domination of one people over another, a fight for land and power. Nor is this like the global economic crises of 1929 or  of 2008 caused by economic collapse. The pandemic is not the ‘source’ but the ‘cause’ of an economic crisis which we are now  facing. This is a crisis we have not faced before, a crisis whose roots lie in the conflict between human society and nature.

  • Joint Statement of Communist & Workers’ Parties for May Day 2020

    comunistaDozens of communist and workers’ parties have released a joint statement for this year’s May Day – International Labor Day. The statement follows:

    “Despite the fact that this year’s workers’ mobilizations will not be as massive as in previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, workers will being using many forms of struggle to honor their International Labor Day as a day of strike, while projecting their goals and demands to oppose capitalist exploitation.

  • PAME on May Day 2020

    The Executive Secretariat of PAME salutes the thousands of workers, the unemployed, the youth, the women who under this year’s slogan “PEOPLE WILL NOT PAY AGAIN! THE VISIBLE ENEMY IS CAPITALISM“, participated and demonstrated in symbolic mobilizations in every city of the country. We also salute the thousands of workers, unemployed, self-employed, farmers, young men and women who are at home, and would like to demonstrate with us, to demonstrate massively as every year throughout Greece, honoring the International Day of the Working Class

  • May Day 2020: The current situation and our duties

    May Day 2020The World Federation of Trade Unions, on the occasion of May Day 2020, salutes the workers in all continents; all those whose work continues to move the gears of life even in difficult conditions such as the Coronavirus Pandemic and keeps producing all the necessary goods so that life may continue and the needs of workers and popular strata can be met.

    We honor the millions of employees in public healthcare systems around the world: doctors, nurses, all healthcare workers, who amidst the Coronavirus pandemic struggle every day to save the patients from the pandemic without even having the necessary protective and medical equipment, risking their own health and lives. They are at the frontline of struggle, with courage and self-denial, lifting the burden of care and treatment in a middle of a pandemic that already counts millions of cases and hundreds of thousands of deaths, in a public healthcare system deteriorated by underfunding and discredited by the policies of all capitalist governments, which consciously undermine the public healthcare system and privatize its neuralgic activities to enhance the speculative profitability of multinationals.

  • Rights for workers key to post-pandemic recovery

    There must be an urgent reassessment to the way traditionally low-paid and precarious professions are valued and recognised, Left MEPs urge on International Workers’ Day. 

  • Long live International Workers Day!

    On this International Workers’ Day, the coronavirus crisis has demonstrated, in stark and dramatic ways, that it is the labour power of the working class – whether by hand or brain – which makes our society function.

    We could manage without the bankers, the speculators, the property tycoons, the wealthy shareholders – but our society would collapse in one week without the workers who provide our essential industries and services. Capitalism’s bankers and financiers and billionaires like Richard Branson have their begging bowls out for public money when their system is in crisis – yet they take evey opportunity to live as tax exiles overseas to avoid paying tax.

  • Social movements, organizations call for International Campaign on May 1

    Political organizations, social movements and international networks are calling for an International Week of Anti-imperialist Struggle on May 1 adapted to current sanitary conditions.

    For more than 100 years, the International Worker’s Day on May 1 has brought millions of people from political and worker’s movements to the streets, but now, the necessary policies of social isolation imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic will prevent the organization of traditional gatherings to commemorate the day.

  • Stateless Nations’ WFTU statement on May 1st

    The Stateless Nations’ World Federation of Trade Unions Committee, that includes trade unions from the Basque Country, Catalunya, Galiza and Canary Islands and represents WFTU in our own nations, shares its statement facing this year May 1st working class international day celebration.

    We are suffering a crisis and social uncertainty time, by one sanitarian crisis that has developed in one social crisis with uncertain consequences. These are days to stop our lifes and activities. We have to care between us to face the pandemic as a society and specially as working class. But also, as class oriented trade unions with the objective to transform this world, we need to prepare to face the future neo-liberal offensive that will cut our elemental rights.

  • 1st of May Statement of WFTU Office in the Middle East

    Dear workers all around the world

    We wish you a Happy May Day although our current conditions under COVID-19 are not so. This year, our May Day comes in one of the worst crises that has ever struck the entire planet that is COVID-19 epidemic. This virus has affected our world, life, work and economy. All economists agree that the global economy is witnessing one of its worst conditions which is much worse than the 2008 crisis. They state that unemployment will dramatically increase in an unprecedented rate. As usual, workers are the weakest strata that suffer from any crisis. At these days of COVID-19 epidemic, workers suffer two sides of struggle. On one side, they have to keep themselves at their houses and workplace as precautious and alert in order not to be infected by the virus. On the other side, they have to keep working fearing that they would be fired from their jobs if they don’t do so. A lot of workers have already lost their jobs out of the general lockdown of businesses especially the unorganized economy.

  • Under COVID-19 Restrictions, May Day Rallies to Be Held Nationwide

    From the front-page of the special May Day edition of the Communist Hebrew weekly Zu Haderech. The slogans read: “Corona is a virus. Capitalism is the epidemic. On May Day we demand 100% of our wages!”From the front-page of the special May Day edition of the Communist Hebrew weekly Zu Haderech. The slogans read: “Corona is a virus. Capitalism is the epidemic. On May Day we demand 100% of our wages!”Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, May Day events commemorating this year’s International Workers’ Solidarity Day will take place tomorrow, Friday May 1, with a number of rallies and demonstrations across Israel, including in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Acre, Kufr Yassif in the Western Galilee, and other locales.

    Activists from Hadash (The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality), the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) and the Young Communist League are involved in the planning and preparations for all these May Day events, collaborating with other leftist and militant union activists.

    In Tel Aviv, a convoy of red-flagged cars will set our on Friday morning at 10:30 from the former Sde Dov airport, travel a route of about 17 km through the city, until it reaches to the old Central Bus Station, where a rally will be held at 12:00. This event will take place in the center of the area where most of the foreign workers and refugees in Israel live. In Haifa a demonstration will begin at 10:30 in UNESCO Square in the German Colony, and in Jerusalem, at the same hour a May Day event will be held at King George Street near the HaMashbir commercial center. In Nazareth, the May Day demonstration being organized by Hadash and the CPI will start at 10:30, in the city’s Fountain Square.

  • India: Joint Leaflet On the Occasion of May Day by Central Trade Unions

    Comrades, friends, brothers and sisters May Day Greetings !

    Today the working people face very serious attacks.

    Using Covid-19 as an excuse, the employers and Governments want to push us back to those days, 134 years ago, when the Chicago martyrs sacrificed their lives fighting for 8 hour work day. The BJP Government at the centre is reportedly taking measures to legalise 12 hour working day. The BJP governments in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh have already issued notifications to that effect.

  • On May 1st a large telematic demonstration will cross Italy

    Primo MaggioOn May 1st a big demonstration will cross the whole Italy with the slogan “Zero Patience”. In times of social distancing it will be a telematic demonstration but no less full of strength and anger: a non-stop live broadcast, on the websites and social networks of the sponsoring organizations, will tell the struggles, complaints and solidarity initiatives – interspersed with contributions from the world of music – that give a glimpse of the birth of another society.

  • May Day challenge

    International Workers Day was first celebrated in 1904, to honor the martyrs of the Haymarket uprising with mass demonstrations for the eight-hour day, workers’ rights, and world peace.

    This year, we celebrate the courage and selflessness of those workers on the front lines of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic: health care workers, transit workers, mechanics, delivery drivers, sanitation, warehouse, retail, and fast-food workers, and all those who provide essential services but are too often paid and treated as if they were expendable. This includes the record number of unemployed workers.

  • WFTU Secretariat Meeting Announcement

    During its Session on07.04.2020, which took place through video conference, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the WFTU Secretariat among others decided the following:

  • Palestinian Auth. May Day Report: Unemployment Increased in 2018

    The rate of unemployment in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) rose in 2018 to about 31% of the participants in the labor force compared to about 28% in 2017. In absolute terms, the number of unemployed individuals increased from 377,000 in 2017 to 426,000 in 2018, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) in an announcement made to mark International Workers’ Day.

  • President Maduro: Today is the day of the heroic working class who have defeated a new coup

    Assuming its leading role, the working class mobilized with joy this Wednesday, May 1st, on the workers’ day and in support of the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

    The concentration that began on the Valle-Coche Highway at the Longaray Distributor in Caracas with destination to the city center, was propitious for the Head of State to highlight the presence of the working forces and the Venezuelan people in defense of their demands and their absolute commitment to defend the homeland and the Bolivarian revolution in the streets

  • On May Day, join the fight against the Trump agenda!

    On May 1, workers of all nations celebrate what they have gained through struggle, and announce to the world that those struggles will continue until victory for working people is gained.

    May Day has deep roots in our own country. May 1 was chosen as the International Workers’ Day by the International Socialist Congress, meeting in Paris in 1889 to commemorate the Haymarket Affair, which took place in Chicago three years earlier, when workers demonstrating for an 8-hour day were brutally repressed.