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Iraqi Communist PartyThe center of the city of Diwaniyah in southern Iraq was shaken just after midnight when two hand grenades were thrown by criminal and rogue elements on the headquarters of the district committee of the Iraqi Communist Party in the province. Although the attack did not, fortunately, lead to human losses, it immediately evoked angry reactions and condemnation. It has raised tension and public anxiety in Diwaniyah that were caused by yesterday's developments at the Qadissiya University.

Iraqi Communist PartyWe reproduce an Interview by »Nameh Mardom«, the central organ of the Tudeh Party of Iran, with Salam Ali, member of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party:

Perhaps we could start this interview with a question about the developments in the war to defeat ISIS in Mosul and expel them from Iraq. The news is that the Iraqi forces have recaptured Mosul airport and areas in the west of the city. Could you please tell us about the significance of these developments for future of Iraq's security in relation to the presence of foreign military presence, specifically the US.

The battle for the liberation of the city of Mosul from Daesh (the so-called Isis) is continuing, after successfully retaking the eastern side. The Iraqi armed forces have already seized back Mosul airport, a big military camp and three districts. The battle’s outcome is of enormous political significance for Iraq, as it will contribute to shaping the political landscape post-Daesh. The country will be facing several challenges after the military defeat of Daesh. These include the ability of the security forces to curtail the operations of terrorist sleeper cells, the fate of para-military formations; the future of “disputed territories” between the federal government and the Kurdistan regional government (KRG); and plans that have been put forward with regard to Nineveh province to split it up into several provinces. In addition, there is the need for concrete measures to achieve societal and national reconciliation and build civil peace, as well as confronting schemes aimed at dividing up Iraq.

Iraqi Communist PartyWe condemn violence against demonstrators and demand those responsible be brought to account

This morning, Saturday 11 February 2017, thousands of our Iraqi people rallied in a peaceful demonstration in Tahrir (Liberation) Square in central Baghdad. Their statements, slogans and chants expressed their determination to continue their march on the path of reform and change and combating corruption. Demonstrators demanded the dissolution of the Electoral Commission and the formation of a new commission that is truly independent, away from the quota system, ensuring that the candidates for its board of trustees are characterized by integrity, credibility, professionalism and impartiality. They also called upon the parliament to legislate a fair and equitable election law that expands participation in decision-making, is non-exclusionary, does not impose the hegemony and domination of certain forces and blocs, and protects the voice of the voters and safeguards their will in choosing their representatives.

May Day march 2016 in Baghdad. Foto: Iraqi CPMay Day march 2016 in Baghdad. Foto: Iraqi CPOur capital Baghdad has witnessed today (30th April 2016) important developments with largenumbers of demonstrators and protesters storming the parliament building.

It took place after thepostponement of the session of parliament to the 10th of May, at atime when the masses of people in front of the Green Zone and Tahrir(Liberation) Square were waiting for the parliament’s session to be held todayto resolve the cabinet reshuffle in accordance with their demands, so as to bethe beginning of renouncing the sectarian-ethnic power-sharing system that wasadopted by the ruling forces and blocs in setting up the structure of the politicalsystem and its administration.

Protest in Baghdad. Screenshot: YoutubeProtest in Baghdad. Screenshot: YoutubeIraq has witnessed over the past few weeks a growing mass protest movement with demonstrations held every Friday since July 31 at Liberation (Tahrir) Square in central Baghdad, as well as eight other major cities. The protests were triggered by severe electricity shortages during an exceptionally hot summer and the death of a young protester in Basra. But they turned into a popular uprising against rampant corruption, the corrupt ruling elite and its anti-democratic sectarian-ethnic power-sharing system that has been in place over the last 12 years, since the invasion and occupation of Iraq which led to the fall of Saddam's dictatorship.

Iraqi Communist PartyIraqi Communist PartyThe Iraqi Communist Party condemned Turkey’s air strikes inside Iraqi territories and called for an immediate halt to the violation of Iraq’s sovereignty. The airstrikes are part of the security and military campaign launched by the Turkish regime against the members and supporters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) that has also targeted supporters of opposition Kurdish parties.

Street blokced by railway workers. Foto: Tareeq Al-ShaabStreet blokced by railway workers. Foto: Tareeq Al-ShaabWorkers and employees of the Iraqi Railways Public Company demonstrated on Wednesday 29 July 2015 in Baghdad, in protest at halting the payment of their wages and transferring them to the »self-financing system«. The protesters blocked several main streets in the north and west of Baghdad with railway wagons, in the areas of Aden Square, Shaljiyah and Yarmouk.

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