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wfdy 148The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) condemns the decision of the US government to stop funding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for refugees in the Near East, the service that has been providing shelter, care and education to Palestinian #refugees in the occupied territories and in the neighboring countries for 70 years now.

The goal of the United States and Israel is to undermine the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes. Israel is questioning the number of refugees who are entitled to relief from #UNRWA, as well as the right of Palestinians to return to their homes.

Dear colleagues,

The conditions of life and work for our colleagues workers in Palestine and for the Palestinian people are very difficult and they are constantly getting worse. The state of Israel limits the Palestinian people in a smaller and smaller part of the Palestinian ground.

The Israeli settlements and the military bases at the West Bank and at Jerusalem are constantly being expanded.

In the densely populated Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation usurps the 24% of the total area and it has made an isolation zone with a fence along the eastern border between Gaza Strip and Israel. The embargo that has been imposed prohibits the Palestinian fish men from having access to the sea at a distance longer than 6 miles from the shore, depriving them of the possibility to support their families.

Contrary to the illusion held by many that Israel’s presence in the Gaza Strip ended with the implementation of the Disengagement Plan in 2005, to this day Israel continues to exercise control over nearly every aspect of life in Gaza, including through its control over movement and access.

Importantly, it continues to enforce restrictions on access to areas deep inside the Strip and in Gaza’s territorial waters, commonly referred to as the “Access Restricted Areas” (ARAs). Israel employs violent enforcement measures against what it perceives as breaches of its directives in the ARAs, including the use of live fire against Palestinian civilians, fishermen, herders and farmers. Over the past decade, long before the recent wave of protests, Israel’s actions in the ARAs have resulted in the death and injury of Palestinians, extensive damage to property and loss of livelihoods.

Hundreds of Palestinians residing in the besieged Gaza Strip marched Saturday, August 11, in the funeral processions of three Palestinians killed during the 20th consecutive Friday “Great March of Return.”

Paramedic Abdullah Qatati, 22, and Ali al-Alul, 55, were killed by Israeli live fire during last Friday’s protests along the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip, while Ahmad Abu Luli, 40, succumbed on Saturday morning to wounds he sustained a day earlier. The three funeral processions set out from the Abu Youssef Najjar Hospital in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

The death of a Palestinian teen who succumbed to wounds inflicted by Israeli forces during last Friday’s protests along the Gaza border hit the front pages of three Arabic Palestinian dailies on Sunday, August 5..

The three West Bank daily newspapers, Al-Hayat al-Jadida, Al-Quds and Al-Ayyam, wrote that Moath Ziad al-Sory, 15, from al-Nusseirat in the central Gaza Strip, was mortally wounded when hit in the abdomen by an Israeli round during the weekly border protests on Friday, August 3. The youth was moved to a city hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

comunistaThe Communist and Worker Parties decisively condemn the crimes committed by Israeli army against Palestinian people in the occupied territories, especially in the Gaza Strip, that has caused a bloodbath, murdering in cold blood unarmed demonstrators, men, women, and children.

Three Palestinian demonstrators, including two teenagers, died of gunshot wounds they incurred from Israeli army fire Friday, July 27, during protests along the Israel-Gaza border. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, two of the fatalities, identified as Majdi al-Satri, 14, and Razi Abu Mustafa, 43, died on Friday; the third, Muamen Fathi al-Hims, 17, succumbed to his wounds Saturday morning.

A protest demonstration was organized by PAME at the Israeli embassy in Athens, in the afternoon of Thursday, July 19th against Israel's continued murderous attacks on the Palestinian people.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, which is the militant voice of more than 92 million workers in the five continents, conveys its internationalist solidarity with the workers and the people of Palestine and denounces the new aggressive measures of Israel that put even more pressure to the people of Palestine.

Palestinian Peoples PartyThe Palestinian People's Party strongly condemned the leader of the German parliamentary faction DIE LINKE (The Left party), Dietmar Bartsch, for planting trees in an Israeli settlement near the Gaza Strip during his visit to Israel. A statement issued by the Palestinian People's Party on Tuesday morning said:

The Palestinian People's Party (PPP) strongly condemns the visit made by the leader of the German parliamentary faction DIE LINKE (The Left party), Dietmar Bartsch, to one of the settlements near the Gaza Strip, where he planted trees and expressed his solidarity during his visit to Israel. The visit was within the cooperation with the Zionist organization "Kern Kiemet", known for its great responsibility for the policy of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, and their force acts on expelling the Palestinians from their lands, homes, villages and cities.

A young Palestinian identified as Mohammad Nasser Shurrab, 20, from Khan Younis in the south of the Gaza Strip, died on Saturday, July 14, of wounds sustained from Israeli army gunfire during protests the day before along the Gaza border with Israel, according to medical sources. The European Hospital in Khan Younis announced that Shurrab succumbed to critical wounds he sustained hours earlier during the protests east of Khan Younis.

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