19 | 09 | 2019

ITUCThe ITUC has condemned Israel over the killing of 16 people and the wounding of several hundred in Gaza on Friday.

The Global union body supports the call by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, backed by the EU, for an independent and transparent investigation into the violence. Thousands of Palestinians had gathered near the border to protest the continuing blockade of Gaza and the confiscation of their lands.

During the last days, we are witnessing the continuing crime against the heroic Palestinian people who are struggling for their lives and their future. The escalation of Israeli aggression is based on the clear support provided by the USA-NATO and the governments of countries, like of Greece.

At the same time, however, some organizations and forces, because of the generalized outcry against Israel, issue statements supposedly in support of the Palestinian people. In reality, their positions are a blank cheque for even more murders, expansion of settlements, more barbarity against the Palestinians.

A delegation of the Communist and Worker’s Parties that constitute the European Communist Initiative visited Palestine and the West Bank as a solidarity mission.

The European Communist Initiative reports

Between 21-23 March 2018, a delegation of the Communist and Worker’s Parties that constitute the European Communist Initiative visited Palestine and the West Bank. The delegation was comprised by cdes Sotiris Zarianopoulos and Lefteris Nikolaou from the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), Paolo Caviglia from the Communist Party, Italy (CP I) and Victor Llanos from the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE).

Thousands of Palestinians have been protesting along the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip as part of the Great March of Return movement. The grotesque, disproportionate and lethal response of the Israeli state has gone unpunished.

Israeli forces fired live ammunition at protesters, killed dozens of Palestinians during the past week, including 21 during and after the March 30th protests, and have injured more than 1,600 others. Eight Palestinians died on Friday alone. The use of lethal force, snipers, tanks and drones against unarmed protesters is symptomatic of the Zionist state’s disregard for Palestinians. Live gunfire on unarmed civilians constitutes a flagrant violation of the international legal obligation to distinguish between civilians and combatants.

cpisraelIsraeli army snipers shot dead at least nine Palestinian protesters, including a journalist and a 14-year-old boy, and wounded at least 300 others near the Gaza border fence with Israel on Friday, April 6, during the eighth day of the “Great March of Return.” Palestinian health officials confirmed that among those killed was journalist Yasser Murtaja, 30, a cameraman for Palestinian Ain Media.

Statement of the Tudeh Party of Iran

The deadly attack of the Israeli armed forces on the unarmed Palestinian demonstrators on March 30th, who had organised a peaceful demonstration along the Gaza-Israel border in protest at the ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories, led to 17 dead and more than 400 wounded Palestinians.

This demonstration has been held every year on March 30th for 42 years on the occasion of the “Land Day”.

The WFTU, representing more than 92 million workers in 126 countries all over the world, backs up the heroic struggle and protests of our brothers and sisters from Palestine.

comunistaThe European Communist Initiative released a statement on the Palestine issue calling for internationalist solidarity

The Initiative of Communist and Workers' Parties of Europe released a statement titled "For peace and justice in Palestine and the world Give a boost to socialism". The Initiative, pointed out the war clouds of imperialism gathering over Palestine and underlined the recent US agression which is impersonated by President Trump.

Palestinian Peoples PartyOn 42th anniversary of Land Day, Palestinian CP called to unite the people in the struggle for land; Palestinan People's Party called to re-unite under PLO.

On 30th March 1976, the Palestinian people had massively responded to the confiscation and Judaization of Palestinian land and this day is commemorated as the Land Day manifesting the determination of the Palestinian people to return to their homeland.

pamePAME expresses its support and solidarity with the Palestinian people and the events it organizes for the Day of the Palestinian Land.

We denounce the continuing murders of Palestinian protesters in Gaza by the murderer-state of Israel.

We condemn this conviction as unacceptable, anti-democratic and authoritarian, which reveals once more that Israel does not hesitate to murder and imprison young children, while continuing its occupation and aggressiveness against the people of Palestine.

As the world’s militant trade union movement, we reiterate our demand for the immediate release of all Palestinian political prisoners and for the recognition of the free state of Palestine within the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital.

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