Wednesday, 17. October 2018

The Central Committee of the Syrian Communist Party (SCP) held its periodical meeting on August 3 under the chairmanship of Secretary-General Ammar Bagdache and issued a communiqué. The CC stressed the achievements of the Syrian armed forces which have liberated large areas, including all positions surrounding the capital, Damascus.

Promoting the steadfastness of the resisting people and struggling communists in the occupied areas, the communiqué pointed out the growing popular discontent among masses and indicated practices of the Turkish authorities like demographic change, displacement and imposition of the currency of the occupying power, which are practices prohibited by international treaties. It was also added that American flags were set on fire on many occasions as an expression against American colonists and organizations who cooperate with them.

Yesterday, July 4, 2018, the negotiations for the resolution of conflicts in southern Syria ceased. The negotiations were a COMPLETE FAILURE. Today, July 5, the Security Council of the UN holds its extraordinary session. The hypocrisy triumphs again! All claim that they are interested in the establishment of “peace”, “democracy”, “freedoms” etc. For 8 years, intra-imperialist antagonisms have been increasing in the South-East Mediterranean, the Gulf region and the Middle East. Strong actors claim to get their own part in Syria, Iraq and North Africa, Lebanon, Iran, Yemen and everywhere.

SANAThe US-led “international coalition” aircrafts have carried out an aggression on some of the Syrian Arab Army’s positions in the south-eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor on Thursday at dawn. “”Some of our military positions between al-Bukamal and Hmeimea were hit this morning in an aggression by “American coalition” warplanes,” a military source said. The source added that only material damage was caused .

SANAThe Syrian Arab Army’s air defenses repelled an Israeli missile aggression on Syrian territories, shooting down scores of missiles. A military source said the army’s air defenses shot down tens of Israeli missiles, preventing most of them from reaching their targets, while some managed to hit a number of air defense battalions, radars, and an ammo depot.

SANA’s correspondent said that information indicates that the Israeli aggressions targeted air defense battalions and radars in Syria with missiles fired by enemy warplanes from within the occupied territories.

PAME condemns Israel's new missile attack on Syria, on Thursday, May 10th.Israeli bombings in Syria aim Iran and are a dangerous escalation of imperialist competitions in the region while they are increasing the risk of generalizing the conflict.

The escalation of Israeli aggression is directly related to USA support, who plan in the coming days to transfer their embassy to Jerusalem and withdraw from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program.

We strongly condemn the US, British and French imperialist assault, with the support of NATO and the European Union, against Syria.

We express our international solidarity with the Syrian people who are facing the sufferings of the 7-year war and have mourned thousands of people dead.

We denounce the fabricated evidence and pretexts used by the imperialists to launch wars and interventions such as the wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

wfdy 148The World Federation of Democratic Youth salutes the demonstrations expressed during the previous week against the imperialist aggression of the USA and its NATO allies France and Britain. The members of WFDY responded to the call of the Federation for taking action in support and solidarity with the people of Syria. A lot of demonstrations took place the previous week on global level, where the youth together with the workers, the students and the peace movements condemned the recent missile attacks against the sovereignty of Syria.

sacpThe South African Communist Party (SACP) condemns the attacks on the Syrian Arab Republic spearheaded by imperialist forces, the United States with Britain and France carried out on 14 April 2018. The imperialist allies hit three targets, including the capital of Damascus, on the manufactured reasoning of preventing the proliferation of chemical weapons. These attacks which were not even backed by international law and the Charter of the United Nations came hours before inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) were due to arrive in Syria to investigate an alleged Syria attack on the opposition.

comunistaThe imperialist countries of United states, Britain and France have escalated their continuous aggression on our homeland which has started several years ago. That the armed forces of these states directed a barrage of rockets to several locations on our homeland on the morning of  April 14, 2018. Our valiant forces confronted this colonial aggression and dropped many of the missiles which were fired by the aggressor forces.

This escalation of the brutal colonial aggression by its false pretexts comes as a response to the victories achieved by our armed forces on the agents of these aggressors and to destroying their criminal gangs and removing their danger away from the capital of our homeland Damascus.

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