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 Britannien /  23. April 2016 /  4841 views
In the run-up to the British EU Referendum in 2016, the media reports almost exclusively on virulently rightwing voices & the topics they bring up on the EU debate. The Communist Party believes that we must clearly make Left arguments against the European Union, that it is at it's very core an unreformable anti-working class & anti-socialist club for big business control of workers. Of course, the EU is a political body that is not to be confused with "Europe" - racism, anti-immigration & xenophobia fuel much of the rightwing rhetoric and outlook, and these have no place whatsoever in a socialist analysis! Prof John Foster here takes on some common myths about the EU: 1. Leaving the EU means the end to human rights & European Court of Human Rights 2. The EU has kept Peace in Europe 3. We'll loose 3 million jobs if we leave the EU 4. We need the EU to protect us from TTIP 5. Austerity only comes from Tories or Westminster? Then the the Broad picture is looked at: "What actually IS the EU, what is it's core nature"?

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